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My Dog Ate Poop How Do I Clean His Mouth? 3 Fast Action Solutions

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Animals, dogs included will do some of the strangest things unexpectedly. One of the greatest concerns by dog owners, especially first-time parents is, my dog ate poop how do I clean his mouth?

Yes, dogs eat poop! And it a common occurrence, according to a 2012 study. Disgusting as this looks, have to bear with it, and look for solutions to clean your dog’s mouth to avoid contracting diseases. The next concern is knowing why your dog doing this and is it time to bring out the dog shampoo? 

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My Dog Ate Poop How Do I Clean His Mouth?

You can use dog mouthwash to quickly clean out your dog’s mouth when they eat poop. Just apply some on a clean cloth, hold your dog, and insert it into the side of your dog’s mouth. Be sure to wipe down your dog’s roof of the mouth, tongue, and gums as thoroughly as possible.

You can also use dog toothpaste to clean them up, even though they may not stay for this one. Just get a dog toothbrush, or a child’s, and try to brush across all your dog’s teeth. Try to distract them with treats, so they stay still during the cleaning process. 

You don’t want your dog to get close to you after eating poop, especially if you love giving you doggy kisses. However, you can easily remedy this with a behavior change and a few simple tricks

Why Is My Dog Eating Poop All Of A Sudden?

Dogs can eat all types of poop. Cat poop, cow poop, horse poop, even their poop sometimes. If you are wondering why they would do something insane like that, some of the reasons include:

  • Surprisingly enough, dogs like the taste of poop.
  • Eating poop is an anxiety reliever for dogs that are stressed.
  • If your dog has a digestive enzyme deficiency, they may eat poop to correct the nutritional imbalance. According to experts, this is more likely to happen if your dog’s diet has insufficient vitamin B1.
  • Dogs are naturally curious and may eat food to find out how it tastes, especially if they are bored.
  • Your dog may want to please you by eating their poop to clean up after themselves. Mother dogs also eat their puppies’ poop as a way to hide their scent while the babies are still too vulnerable.

What To Put In Dog Food To Stop Eating Poop?

  1. Coat stools with hot sauce or lemon juice. You can add a few spoons of pumpkin in a can to your dog’s bowl each day.
  2. Add meat tenderizer to every dog meal as this will make the food taste terrible.
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The first step to stopping your dog from eating poop is to identify the root cause of this behavior. If it is a diet issue, make sure that you create a consistent feeding schedule for your dog. A vet can help you create meal plans containing the nutrients necessary for your dog’s growth.  

You can also try to make sure that your dog is never bored by playing with them regularly and getting them toys to keep them busy. Keep your dog’s surrounding area clean and free of poop, and teach your dog how to differentiate between what to eat and what not to eat. 

Should you use dog shampoo to clean up?

No, you should never use dog shampoo to clean out your dog’s mouth after eating poop. If your dog swallows the shampoo, it will lead to serious health problems. There are many shampoo options for dogs and most can not be ingested. There are a few organic or homemade recipes that are 100% natural so would have no impact on your dog’s wellbeing. 

However, we recommend that you refrain from using dog shampoo in your dog’s mouth just in case.


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