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My Dog Is Not Affectionate Towards Me – 3 Dog Relationship Secrets

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My Dog Is Not Affectionate Towards Me! You finally have a pet dog and are expecting a lot of licking, hanging around and excitement from your new friend. However, your dog is barely looking at you and does not even seem to acknowledge your existence.

You cannot stop asking questions; why is my dog not affectionate toward me? Why does my dog not sit with me?

Did the movies lie about the naturally affectionate behaviour of dogs, or is there something seriously wrong with yours?

We have a few answers that might offer solutions to your burning questions.

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My Dog Is Not Affectionate Towards Me – 3 Dog Relationship Secrets

It may seem like a natural thing for your dog to be affectionate towards you. However, that may not happen if your dog’s previous owner was mean to them. It is more real for rescue dogs whose owners mistreated or punished them when they showed affection.

As a result, your dog may not trust that any human could be looking out for their wellbeing. Also, if there was a reward for a dog that showed less affection, the dog might be very wary of showing too much to any new owners.

Something else you should also look out for is illness or injury, especially if your dog has stopped being affectionate all of a sudden. You can rule this out by taking your dog to the vet. Your dog may also become less affectionate with age as their energy levels dwindle.

Some dog breeds are naturally not very affectionate so try not to take it personally if yours is one.  If you constantly think”why does my dog not sit with me” then it’s advisable to remember that your breed of dog does have a big impact on bonding.

How To Talk Dog Language – Dog Affection Tips

  1. Your dog’s behaviour is sometimes a reflection of how you act around them. If you want your dog to be more affectionate, then you need to act the same around your dog. This includes increasing the time you spend around your dog while playing or exercising.

  2. You can also try some positive reinforcement training where you reward your dog with a treat every time they show you some affection. Be sure not to go overboard but avoid harsh punishments that may cause feelings of resentment in your dog.
  3. If you still don’t know why your dog is not affectionate towards you, it may be time to take them to the vet to rule out any possibility of illness. Your vet may also have other ideas on how to get more affection for your dog.

How Do Dogs Show Loyalty

While your dog may not necessarily want to get all cuddly and cute with you, other ways that they may be showing you affection include:

  • Following you around and staying near you at all times
  • Letting you pet them and rub their belly
  • Following your commands and showing a willingness to play around and learn from you
  • Maintaining eye contact with you and even licking you sometimes
  • Bringing things to you and protecting your house and the things you own

Getting the affection of your pet is a significant milestone for any pet owner, and it’s easy to get discouraged when that doesn’t happen immediately. However, there are ways to make that change and create the pet of your dreams. If you follow the tips above it should help to prevent you from thinking “My Dog Is Not Affectionate Towards Me“.

All you need is a little patience and some trial and error methods to improve that bond.

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