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My Dog Isnt Eating But Acting Normal – 7 Reasons Your Dog May Be Sick

If you are one of the people wondering why my dog isnt eating but acting normal, we have some answers that can help you.

Dogs usually give instant feedback on changes in their environment, especially if one takes time to learn their pet’s eating habits. A sudden trend to ignore food may be a sign of several things, and some do not necessarily need to be cause for alarm.

If your dog wont eat or drink and just lays around or you have a older dog not eating but acting normal then this article will answer all your questions.

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Dog Not Eating But Drinking Water

Here is a shortlist of factors to cross out if your dog is not eating but is still acting normal: 

  1.  How old is your dog? 
  2.  Does your dog drink water? 
  3.  Is your dog active or lethargic? 
  4.  Is he on any medication for any pre-existing conditions? 
  5.  Is your dog a picky eater? 
  6.  Are you feeding them too much? 
  7.  Has dog food become boring?

My Dog Isnt Eating But Acting Normal

Here are 7 reasons why your dog may not be eating but is still acting normal. Remember if you are ever in doubt you should always seek out a qualified vet just to be safe.

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1. Teething phase

A dog may be going in the teething phase. It is a painful stage, and most dogs undergoing this will skip food. Your lovely pet will seem fine, but as days go by, you will notice weight loss. At this stage, avail gnawing toys and food with bones for chewing. This gnawing reduces the chances of a puppy ingesting a tooth that gets loose.

2. Bloated or facing dehydration

If your dog is drinking water while skipping food, he may be fine. Such incidences mostly occur when the dog is bloated or facing dehydration. As long as the food is within reach, give it time, and see if your dog will start eating. If it is bloating, you can ex[ect it to clear up in a day or so, and your dog will be back to normal.

3. Ingested foreign objects

Usually, your dog is playful but has suddenly gone lethargic and lost interest in food? There is a possibility that your dog has ingested foreign objects, like toys. It is hard to know, but in such a scenario, seeking immediate medical attention is wise. Take your dog to the vet for a proper check-up

4. Medication for pre-existing conditions,

Some dogs may react differently to medication for pre-existing conditions, like diabetes, hormonal-treatment, and so forth. In such scenarios, seek a change in prescription, especially when the lack of interest in foods persists.

5. Eating preferences

Different dog breeds have different eating preferences. Some dog breeds are extremely picky eaters. A usually popular type of dog feed may other times be looked at disdainfully, depending on the kind of accompaniments you treat them. Some dogs may prefer gravies or sauces. However, if one chooses to entice the dogs with such, keep clear of garlic, onions, or too much salt as they are harmful to dogs.

6. Regular daily ration

In some cases, dog owners get too enthusiastic about feeding their dogs. A regular daily ration recommended by a vet should be adhered to, whether or not a dog gives an impression of being starved. Some dog breeds will keep eating, whether it’s enough or beyond.

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After a few days of this situation, the dog may abstain from feeding for a few days to recover gut balance, or even bloating.

7. Correct Dog Food

Then, some creativity is encouraged when choosing dog feed. While some dogs will feed nonetheless, some breeds get bored with the same type of feed given regularly. A little creativity, even in presentation bowls, may inspire better feeding. Healthy additions to break boredom include milk, honey mixtures, or baked treats.

The basic rule for my dog isnt eating but acting normal is to seek the attention of a vet immediately. It may be behavioral, medical, or ingestion of a foreign object. Alternatively, seek information on dog food sites, like allaboutdogfood.co.uk, to spice up your dog’s diet.


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