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10 Professional Dog Clippers Reviews 2020 [Ultimate Buying Guide]

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Man's best friend is very often cute and fluffy, but for that to hold true, the dog must be properly groomed. It is not an easy job to do that, especially without certain tools. Taking care of the hair is even harder when it is longer than it should be, therefore using electric clipper for dogs regularly is a must-do.

Remember proper dog care keeps your dog happy and healthy for longer giving you peace of mind

Top 3 Professional Dog Clippers


1. ProClip Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper


  • Good build quality
  • Very easy to operate
  • Doesn’t get hot


  • Long battery life
  • Quick charging time
  • Cordless and easy to maneuver


  • Very affordable
  • User friendly 
  • It is well built

There are plenty electric clippers on the market available, but there is no room for a mistake when picking the right one for your dog. You definitely want to get a good deal, and a great price/value ratio - something durable and reliable. We made a review of 10 dog grooming shears and besides basic information, we featured their pros and cons as well.

Just a reminder, taking care of dogs nails (using nail clippers or grinders) and hair (with the right shampoo) is also very important. You should also learn how to grind dog nails.

So what is the best professional dog clippers available today? We list down 10 of the top dog hair clippers in the market.

What Are The Best Dog Grooming Shears?

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Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

This dog nail clipper looks and works as if it’s built for the pros. But you don’t need to worry. It’s user-friendly, too. It should not give you a hard time in using it.

This is a grooming tool that’s very versatile. You will not only be able to use it in clipping your dog’s nails. You can also use it in cutting thick coat.

According to those who have used it, this dog hair clippers is very easy to use. One pet owner commented that she has no previous experience in using dog clippers. At first, she was expectedly worried that she might cut her dog’s quick.

But the dog hair clippers proved to be very easy to use. She said that operating the clipper proved to be not a problem at all. Another common comment about this clipper is how quiet it is. She also said that she could cup this in and around her dog’s ear and eyes.

The unit comes with a #10 blade. It is built to last for a long time. Its special chrome finish resists corrosion.

But you can also replace the blade depending on your requirements. It works with a large selection of blades. Its manufacturer claims to have the largest selection of compatible blades in the industry.

Replacing the blades is also quick and easy. According to reviewers on Amazon.com, blade replacement should not take a few seconds. This is very critical if you are grooming two or more dogs that are very wriggly.

This clipper works best for pet owners who have long haired dogs. Whether you have a German Shepherd, a poodle, or a Cocker Spaniel, you would find these dog grooming shears very useful.

One pet owner shared her experience in using this clipper. She says her Cocker Spaniel has very thick fur. She said that the clipper was able to cut through her dog’s fur easily. It worked like a charm, as she wrote in her review on Amazon.com.

And even if you find yourself in an extended grooming job, this clipper won’t get hot that easily. Most owners say that the casing of the unit doesn’t get hot at all. You can trim your dogs without having to take a break, and let the unit cool.

Once you are done grooming your dog, you can simply store this unit. It is also very easy to clean thanks to its removable drive cap. There is also no need to oil or grease internal parts, making it virtually maintenance-free.

However, some owners are complaining about the extra-long cord of the unit. It can get in the way at times, they say.

Things We Liked

  • Good build quality
  • Very easy to operate
  • ​Doesn’t get hot

Things We Didn't Like

  • Extra long cord can get in the way at times

Editor Rating:


This battery powered clipper is also a good choice if you’re shopping for an easy to use grooming tool for your pet. The price is quite affordable, too, especially when you compare it with the other units on the list.

Plus, it has enough cutting power to cut through the thickest of nails and fur. Some customers on Amazon.com think this is the best dog clippers for thick hair.

This clipper can help you in grooming your dogs, whether they’re small, medium, or big in size. One reviewer on Amazon.com says she owns a small mutt with medium length hair, as well as a black Labrador with thick hair.

She says this clipper can cut through the fur and nails of her dogs with relative ease. She mentions that she didn’t have any experience in using clippers when she first used this product. But she was able to groom her dogs rather easily and quickly.

One of the best things about this nail clipper is the battery life. Most customers on Amazon.com say that the battery can last 90 minutes at the very least. Some say that the battery can last multiple trimming jobs.

Recharging the battery won’t take that long, though. It has a quick charge function, so recharging it should be done in 15 minutes. Thus you won’t have to wait for too long in having the battery recharged.

Since this is a cordless dog nail clipper, it is very easy to maneuver. If you have a dog that likes to move a lot, you would appreciate that it doesn’t have a cord that can get entangled with your pet.

The built quality of this clipper is very good, too. It is compact and lightweight. It fits most hands of users. Only a few reviewers complained that they found the unit to be too small for their hands.

The price is very reasonable, too. One customer on Amazon.com remarked that she was surprised that this unit was priced lower than its competitors. She says she didn’t believe a well-built unit like this can be priced that low.

Not all customers are happy with this product, though. A common complaint among those who have used it is the noise it makes while in operation.

While the manufacturer claims that this is an ultra-quiet dog nail clipper, buyers on Amazon.com suggest otherwise. Some customers even shared how their dogs were bothered by the buzzing sound that the motor makes.

Things We Liked

  • Long battery life
  • Quick charging time
  • ​Cordless and easy to maneuver

Things We Didn't Like

  • A bit noisy when in operation

Editor Rating:


One of the first things pet owners look for in a grooming tool is the noise it makes. Ideally, the dog clipper should be quiet when in use.

The Wahl Professional U-clip pet grooming kit is considered by some Amazon.com customers as one of the quietest dog clippers today. They even say that it is quieter than other dog clippers used by professionals.

This dog grooming shears features a motor that is powerful but quiet. It is designed for noise sensitive pets, like your dog.

One reviewer made an interesting description on the noise that this clipper makes. She says that its noise is about 1/3 of the noise made by a blow dryer.

You also don’t need to be a professional groomer to be able to figure out how this one works. Many customers on Amazon.com say they were able to use it the moment they took it out of the box.

One reviewer shared her experience in using this pet grooming kit. She said she was initially nervous, fearing she would mess up.

But when she picked the comb, popped it on the razor, and plugged it in, she realized how easy this one works. After switching on the unit, she just had to let it do its magic.

She said it only took her half an hour to trim the thick fur of her mutt. Her dog was wiggly, but she was able to get the job done without any difficulty.

Buyers are happy that the dog clipper is corded. They say they’ve used cordless clippers before. They hate it when their unit would lose power in the middle of a dog hair trimming job.

This dog clipper makes use of high grade steel blades. You can choose from sizes 30, 15, and 10, depending on the thickness of your pet’s hair. The blades are tough enough to cut quickly and efficiently, even on ultra-thick fur.

Although the blades are tough, you can still take certain steps to ensure that it would last a long time. One way is to regularly oil the blade. You should also repeatedly raise and lower the bar next to it, so that the oil will be spread properly.

The consensus among customers on Amazon.com is that this is one of the best value-for-money dog clippers around. It is affordable, but very well built. It may be made of plastic, but testimonials suggest that it can stand up to years of abuse.

The usual complaint about this product, though, is that it has a tendency to get hot easily.

Things We Liked

  • It is very affordable
  • It is user friendly
  • ​It is well built

Things We Didn't Like

  • It tends to get hot easily

Editor Rating:


There’s no denying that the power of this Oster 2-speed heavy duty clipper is what you’ll be most interested in. This has enough power to cut through the thickest of dog fur.

One reviewer likens this clipper to a powerful locomotive plowing through a high pile of snow. He says he has a thick haired German shepherd which he would often bring to a professional grooming service.

But ever since he bought this clipper, he hasn’t been to a dog grooming service. He says that clipper can get the job done thanks to its impressive power.

There are two speed settings in this unit. The slower setting delivers 3,000 strokes per minute; while the other delivers 4,000 SPM.

Regardless of the speed setting you will choose, you would notice that the sound it makes isn’t that noisy enough to disturb your pet.

One pet owner wrote that she uses this in trimming her poodle’s hair. She describes her pet as very wiggly. But she has no problem in using this tool on the poodle because it is ultra-quiet. In fact, she calls this the best dog clippers for poodles.

The cord of this clipper is also long enough for most owners. They say that the long cord makes this clipper very ideal in trimming the hair of large dog breeds.

Most reviewers also mentioned how lightweight this dog clipper is. They also claimed that it also fits very well in the hands. It is made of high quality plastic.

However this is far from being the perfect electric dog clipper.

The main issue that owners have with this corded dog clipper is that it easily gets hot. One buyer complained that the clipper gets hot after 10 to 15 minutes of use.

Then he has to wait for 20 to 30 minutes for the unit to cool down before he can use it again.

You can only imagine the time that you might have to spend in trimming a dog’s hair.

Others wish that it comes with a more detailed instruction manual, particularly in maintaining the unit.

Things We Liked

  • It is powerful and can cut through thick dog hair
  • It has two speed settings
  • ​It is well built

Things We Didn't Like

  • It gets hot easily
  • Lack of information particularly in maintaining the unit

Editor Rating:


This is another dog clipper that is powerful enough to trim extra thick fur. But unlike other models mentioned in this review, this dog clipper stays cool for a good amount of time.

It also works quietly, with its motor humming a buzzing sound that should not distract your dog.

This clipper features a detachable blade, making it very versatile. You can put CeramicEdge, ShowEdge, and UltraEdge blades on this clipper. It also works with Oster A-5 blades.

Of course, you have to buy blade as these aren’t included in the package.

Andis recommends using other blades if you are to cut the hair of medium and large sized dogs with a lot of thick fur.

In terms of cutting power, a lot of Amazon.com reviewers are quite satisfied with this unit.

There are two speed settings to choose from in this unit.

The low speed setting is ideal for general grooming. If you have a dog with thick hair, then you can turn to the high speed setting that is 25 percent faster than the other speed setting. Most reviewers say they use the high speed setting to finish the job quickly.

There’s also a guard that can protect your pet. The cord, meanwhile, is about 14 inches long. Most owners of this unit say the cord isn’t the longest, but long enough to make the clipper maneuverable especially when trimming the hair of medium dogs.

The cord has been likened to that of vacuum cleaners. It is pliable even in cold weather.

It’s a given that dog clippers would eventually become hot when they are used after a certain period of time. The Andis 2 speed pet clipper would take around 20 minutes before it gets hot.

There are some ways for you to speed up the cooling down of the unit. One way is to put spraying coolant or gel on it.

This product also gets positive feedback for its durability. Several owners wrote on Amazon.com that their clippers have lasted for more than two years. This shows you how well built this dog clipper is.

Of course, the unit itself needs to be cleaned regularly so that it can last long. Owners say they usually clean it after every use. They also suggest oiling the blades regularly.

There aren’t a lot of complaints about this dog grooming shears. Some users just found its cord to be a bit short.

Things We Liked

  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • ​Affordable

Things We Didn't Like

  • The cord is a bit short

Editor Rating:


Most dog clippers are backed by their manufacturers with a one or two year warranty. But Wahl gives an extensive five year warranty on this dog grooming clipper kit.

That should make you less worried, as you can get the unit replaced or repaired in case something goes wrong with it.

But the warranty isn’t the only thing you would love about this clipper. It is also very powerful and thus efficient in cutting thick dog fur.

It is reasonably priced as well. The build quality isn’t that bad, either.

Most reviewers on Amazon.com agree that this clipper has sufficient power for cutting thick hair of medium to large sized dogs. They also love that it has a nice hard back case, plus several combs.

It is also very quiet. While it does vibrate a lot, the noise coming from the unit should not be too loud to distract your dog.

One proud owner of this dog clipper shared his experience in using this product. He said he owns a yorkie, who doesn’t like to be groomed.

He said he found the noise not as loud as the clippers of his neighbor that he had earlier used on his pet. He says his neighbor’s dog clipper was two times more expensive than this Wahl unit.

Going back to his yorkie, the dog was able to adjust nicely to the buzzing sound that the dog clipper makes. He thus recommends this clipper to pet owners who have wiggly dogs.

The clipper also has a nice, solid feel to one’s hand. The same reviewer wrote that it doesn’t feel cumbersome in hand. It took him around 15 minutes to groom his yorkie.

He also loves that the unit has well detailed instruction manual.

Make no mistake about it—the unit does get hot. But according to those who have used it, the time would be around 20 to 25 minutes. Most of the customers say they’re pretty much satisfied with the time it takes before this unit eventually becomes hot.

The common complaint about this product, however, is durability. There are some reports that the unit would just stop working after a year or so. But this is where the five year warranty of Wahl can come in.

Things We Liked

  • It has a long five year warranty
  • It doesn’t get hot that quickly
  • ​It makes a buzzing sound that isn’t that noisy

Things We Didn't Like

  • It isn’t that durable

Editor Rating:


Like the item that precedes it in this list, the Wahl dog/pet clipper kit is backed by a long, five year warranty. This should give prospective customers the peace of mind, knowing they can get the unit repaired or replaced if something wrong crops out.

Aside from the long warranty, one thing that makes this dog clipper kit very popular on Amazon.com is the number of attachments that go with it.

Apart from the clippers, it has blade attachments, oil with brush, and comb. There’s also a case where you can store everything you get from the package.

Satisfied customers on Amazon.com point out that they’ve gotten their money’s worth with this grooming kit. Moreover, they also say that they have been able to use this clipper right out of the box.

You don’t need to be a pro to be able to operate this clipper. Some reviewers said they only had to watch YouTube videos to be able to understand how to use this clipper.

One reviewer shared his experience in using this clipper. He says he has a small poodle who has a very curly fur. He admits being scared at first in using the clipper.

He describes this clipper to be solidly built. He says it feels heavy in hand, giving one the impression that this is not a toy. Yet he found using it as very easy.

He deplores the lack of a DVD that could have given better instructions in using the clipper. But he’s happy that there are lots of online videos that he was able to watch. Those clips made him understand how to use the clipper.

He says that at first, he was able to finish the grooming job in less than 30 minutes. He would eventually master using this clipper that it only takes him 15 minutes to trim the curly fur of his poodle pet.

Another reviewer on Amazon.com says she has been able to groom around 5 of his pets every month with this clipper. It has also remained working for more than a year now.

She says it has given her a lot of savings because she doesn’t have to go to a pro to have her pets’ fur trimmed.

Of course, it has its share of drawbacks, too. Perhaps the biggest concern among its users is the noise that it makes. They say that it can get really noisy.

Things We Liked

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • ​Durable

Things We Didn't Like

  • It is a bit noisy

Editor Rating:


This is one of the top rated pet groomers on Amazon.com today. And you can’t blame the reviewers on Amazon.com if they’ve been giving it such high scores. This pet clipper is affordable, reliable, well-built, and easy to use.

The Andis AGC 2-speed pet clipper may come with a no.10 blade; but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be used with other blades. In fact, it can work with other blades, from ShowEdge to UltraEdge to Ceramic Edge.

This gives the pet clipper the versatility many of its owners have been raving about on Amazon.com. They say that this clipper can cut through the thickest of pet hair with relative ease as long as the right blade is paired with it.

Of course, you can have the sharpest blade on the planet but if the motor is sub-par, then you can’t expect the clipper to be able to cut through thick hair.

Fortunately, Andis equipped this pet clipper with a powerful rotating motor. It can give consistent cutting for dogs, from poodles to spaniels and terriers.

There are two speed settings that you can choose from when you are to use this clipper. Reviews on Amazon.com suggest that the lower speed setting is best for use of novice operators.

If you have some experience in using a pet clipper, you can go ahead and use the faster speed setting.

Another reason why a lot of pet owners are raving about this clipper--- it takes a while for it to get hot. In fact, most of the reviewers on Amazon.com insist that their units never got hot. There were some owners who had the opposite experience though.

As far as the cord is concerned, this clipper has a 14 inch long cord. Reviewers say they found the cord long enough for use in large dog breeds. They also love that the cord doesn’t get in the way when they trim the fur of their dogs.

This clipper is also very quiet.

One reviewer wrote that she bought the clipper for her thick coated terrier chow. She narrated how she has struggled to find the right clipper for her pet. The terrier chow mix doesn’t like being around noisy clippers.

But lo and behold, her pet was able to stay firm the first time she used it on her. She says she hasn’t encountered any difficulty in using this dog clipper on her terrier chow mix. She credits this to the quiet motor of the clipper.

While it appears that this clipper is the best right now, it does have its share of drawbacks. Perhaps the most glaring is the lack of attachments that go along with it.

Things We Liked

  • Very quiet motor
  • Can work with all sorts of blades
  • ​Is very affordable

Things We Didn't Like

  • No attachments included in the product package

Editor Rating:


This is very similar to the Andis product that precedes it in this list.

It has a quiet motor that can enable its blade to cut through the thickest of fur. Its detachable blade design allows easy changing and cleaning of the blade. And it has a 14 inch long heavy duty cord for easy movement around animals and equipment.

It has all the qualities you would want from a pet clipper. Perhaps the only thing you won’t like about this dog clipper is the price. It’s a bit more expensive than the other clippers in this list.

But the extra bucks you’ll be shelling out for this model are worth it. You will be getting your hands on a well-built, well-designed, and easy-to-use dog clipper.

How durable are these clippers? Well, one reviewer on Amazon.com wrote that he has had his clipper for the past 17 years. He says the Andis Super 2-speed detachable blade clipper he has at home continues to work like new.

Aside from the durability, this product gets good grades from its owners for being very easy to use.

One reviewer shared that he has double carpal tunnel. He says he has had problems in using clippers, until someone gave this Andis clipper to him as a gift. He likes that the unit is lightweight. Its 14 inch long cord also made it more maneuverable.

He says that the unit doesn’t vibrate that hard. He can also hold it without any trouble. And with its powerful motor it can cut through the thickest of hair with relative ease.

The power of the motor also allows this clipper to get most trimming jobs done very quickly. One reviewer commented that he has four dogs, and he could trim their hair in less than 2 hours with this clipper.

Another wrote that his dogs aren’t distracted when he uses this clipper on them. Thus he is able to trim their coat quickly.

Again, the major beef that users have with this clipper is the price. Some consumers on Amazon.com found it to be quite expensive. But there’s no denying that in terms of build quality and performance, this clipper is almost peerless.

Things We Liked

  • Good build quality
  • Powerful and quiet motor
  • ​Long cord, easy to maneuver

Things We Didn't Like

  • A bit pricey

Editor Rating:


Unlike most of the clippers mentioned in this review, this one doesn’t come with a cord. It is a cordless pet clipper that you would find very handy in trimming the coat of small, medium or large sized dogs.

This is a good choice if you have 1-2 dogs in your home. The clipper can work for nearly an hour when fully charged. You will need to wait for four hours for it to be fully charged, though.

But when you get to use the dog clipper, you will realize why a lot of customers on Amazon.com are all praises for it.

For one, this is a very lightweight dog clipper. You should be able to maneuver it easily thanks to its lightweight design. Plus the fact that it is cordless all the more makes the unit very easy to use.

It’s a very user friendly dog clipper. For one there’s only one switch for turning on or off the device. There are two, double sided length guards that snap on and off easily. You also get a small brush for cleaning.

The unit has a user manual which you can refer to if you’re not sure how to use the clipper. There is also enough information on how to properly maintain the dog clipper.

Don’t worry if the unit loses power while in the middle of a trimming job. It has a long cord that you can turn to in recharging the unit. The long cord means you don’t need to bring an extension cord near you so you can continue your pet grooming.

There are only a handful of complaints on this product. Some Amazon.com users, for one, complained of getting packages that lack the bottle of oil that goes along with the clipper.

Others say that the batteries they got were dead, and that they had to recharge it every now and then.

But overall, this is one of the top rated Professional Dog Clippers on the Internet today.

Things We Liked

  • It has a cordless design that makes the clipper very easy to maneuver and use
  • It has a user manual that provides plenty of information on how to use it
  • ​It is very user friendly

Things We Didn't Like

  • Some packages don’t have the oil that comes along with the clipper
  • Recharging the battery takes 4 hours
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