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Best Waterproof Dog Bed

Finding the best Waterproof Dog Bed can be tricky.

All dog owners know that a high-quality dog bed is essential. 

Whether you have a massive dog or a petite one, the correct dog bed will ensure your canine is comfortable and has enough room to stretch, chill and sleep.  

The softer the material the warmer your dog will be and the more they will want to be in it. Moreover keeping it waterproof is essential for outdoor use will ensure no damage happens to it. 

Remember to look out for a washable dog bed with a removable cover to keep it clean and hygienic friendly. 

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 waterproof dog beds on the market right now.   

Best Waterproof Dog Bed

 #1 PetFusion Waterproof Dog Bed 

The #1 PetFusion Waterproof Dog Bed is dynamic and comes in multiple sizes. The small size will support dogs around 25+ kg, the large size is good for dogs that are 50+ kg, and the will work for dogs heavier then X-Large 75+ kg, 

t’s even got a Jumbo size for dogs that weigh 100+ kg, which is fantastic for dog owners with very heavy dogs. 

It comes in 3 colours and comes in a variety of different sizes, for dogs of different weights and different breeds

It comes backed with smart features 

  • The bottom is a thick memory foam base for extended comfort. 
  • The cushion is warmly stuffed with Polyfill fiber which is very soft  
  • The cover is made with strong and cosy polyester (65%) and cotton twill (35%). 
  • It’s tear-resistant and water-resistant, with a waterproof inner liner
  • The cover is removable and machine washable  
  • The bottom is non-skid making it ideal for tile and hardwood floors.
  • It includes a solid 12-month warranty on any part that is broken

PetFusion’s beds are built with top quality materials and are built to last. You can tell by checking out the reviews here. 

It’s a premium brand that is affordable and durable and is competitively reviewed as the best Waterproof Dog Bed available to buy.


  • Variation of sizes available and colors 
  • Extremely soft and cosy 
  • Removable & machine washable
  • Water and tear-resistant


  • Doesn’t come with spare covers

#2 P & L Superior Waterproof Dog Bed

The P & L Superior Waterproof Dog Bed is a oval-shaped dog bed that is available in three sizes; Medium (61 x 51 x 22cm), Large (76 x 64 x 24cm), and Jumbo (97 x 74 x 25cm) 

It also comes in an assortment of colours including, black, green, brown sand, blue, grey, brown and burgundy.

It has a stylish matt finish and you can tell the Made with superior make and manufacturing that’s gone into bringing it to market.  

It has heavy-duty material that is 100% Polyester waterproof, finished with a water repellent coating. This gives it an advantage for dogs that seem to get dirty a lot. It’s simple to clean and very applicable.  

It comes with:

  • Thick base cushions which are removable 
  • High-end walls filled with Thermal Polyester Fiber, that do not clump, which helps to keep your dog warm.
  • Durable sides and walls for dos that like to dig into their beds like Terriers and Dachshunds, 


  • Versatile and durable 
  • Comes in three different sizes and a variety of colours
  • Safe, comfy & practical 


Not chew proof  

 #3 Pecute Water Resistant Pet Bed

The Pecute Water Resistant Pet Bed is an affordable and premium quality waterproof dog bed. 

It comes in two sizes: Small (49 x 44 x 18cm) or Medium (63 x 53 x 20cm) and 2 colours.

It’s crafted with features including:

  • strong Oxford fabric on the outside, which is scratch proof and water-resistant
  • It is also anti-fading and the bed is filled with polyester filling and is abundantly padded and comfortable.
  • It has a removable bed cover for easier washing and The cover is glossy so your dog’s hair won’t stick to it.  
  • It has an anti-stain type of fabric that will help with any spills or marks
  • The sides are raised for additional support 

It’s a bit firmer than other brands though and some dogs do prefer the softer more squishy materials  


  • Ideal for most dog breeds
  • Scratch proof, stain proof and Water-resistant
  • Removable cover that’s washable


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Not fitting for the giant dogs   

#4 AllPetSolutions Waterproof Dog Mattress

The AllPetSolutions Waterproof Dog Mattress comes in blue or grey and measures up at 101 x 65 x 18cm, making it excellent for all dog breeds and measurements.

The features include:

  • A cover that is 100% Oxford Polyester fabric which is straightforward to clean and is 100% waterproof. 
  • It’s also machine washable for easy cleaning
  • A mattress that is made from Orthopaedic Memory Foam to ensure your dog is comfortable and supported. 
  • A temperature-sensitive element, that allows the foam mattress to get softer when the temperature rises,  
  • Non-slip bottom for polished and tiled floors 

The bed is relatively lightweight (at 2kg), and is very affordable. It’s a great design with many practical features that will suit all dogs.  It’s a high contender for the best Waterproof Dog Bed.


  • 100% Oxford Polyester fabric
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Memory foam mattress that’s Temperature sensitive
  • Non-slip bottom


Doesn’t come in a variety of sizes

#5 Ellie-Bo Waterproof Dog Bed

The Ellie-Bo Waterproof Dog Bed is a dynamic and durable waterproof dog bed that comes highly recommended. It’s available in three colours: brown, black, and green, and comes in one standard dimension of 117 x 75 x 10cm. 

It’s perfect for all breeds of dogs but is especially suitable for bigger dogs like Dalmatians, Danes, Labradors, etc.

The cover is made from tough Oxford design and is waterproof and very breathable. 


  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Excellent size and shape for dog crates
  • Great for all dogs especially bigger ones  


  • Doesn’t include a raised side to guard your dog’s head and neck


What are waterproof beds?

A waterproof dog bed is a product to help your dog relax, sit or sleep in any environment.  

The waterproof bed is similar to a normal dog bed, but the materials used are a bit different as the design is solely to protect against the elements (or doggie accidents)

What to look for in a waterproof bed

There are a few very important things to look out for when picking up a waterproof dog bed. These are:

  • Size of your dog – some beds are more suitable for larger dogs
  • Water Wicking – all waterproof dog beds should allow for water wicking. This is when the water naturally comes off the surface of the bed and doesn’t penetrate it. Nylon, polyester and Oxford are all great materials to check for
  • Quality stitching – all top quality beds are very well stitched and this is essential. A good stitch can be the difference between an easy cleaning job or a difficult one.
    Furthermore, a badly stitched waterproof dog bed will fall apart after a few uses. Make sure you look out for quality stitch work.
  • Machine washable, your dog bed has to be machine washable as it will get very dirty. The cover should be removable and easily washed or have the ability to be wiped down with no issue.
  • Affordable, although waterproof dog beds are more expensive then normal dog beds it’s important you don’t get caught out by price. Sometimes the more expensive doesn’t mean the better, so be sure to check features and reviews before buying. 

Who would want a water-resistant bed?

The majority of people who want a waterpoof bed are those dog owners who need protection from the rain and wet.

However, a new puppy who is prone to accidents, or a senior dog who has incontinence issues may also benefit from it. 

Generally, the best waterproof dog bed is a smart purchase as it’s portable, durable and remarkable useful, with very strong resistant materials  

Benefits of a waterproof bed for dogs

The main benefits of a waterproof bed are:  

  • All-season, all-weather bed for your dog 
  • Stain-resistant & Water Resistant
  • Simple to clean 
  • More robust than regular beds

Disadvantages of a waterproof bed

There are a few disadvantages of a waterproof dog bed though, they are: 

  • Price – It’s more expensive than regular beds 
  • DEsign – they are not as fashionable as normal dog beds
  • Choice – There are fewer products to choose from in the market  


We think Number 1 is the best choice!

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