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What Are Guinea Pig Babies Called? Guinea Pig Facts

Guinea pigs or cavies, whose scientific name is Cavia porcellus, have evolved from wild animals to domesticated and loved family members. They are originally from South America as but explorers brought them to Europe, and they were bred as exotic pets by the Elizabethan society. While an adult one is a guinea pig, many people keep asking what are guinea pig babies called? 

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What Are Guinea Pig Babies Called?

Baby Guinea pigs are called pups, but most people just call them cute! Male guinea pigs are called boars and females ones are referred to as sows. The Human Society of the United States highlights that Guinea pigs live typically for five to seven years

The gestation period of sows is 59 – 72 days. On average, they give birth to litters of 3 – 4 pups but can have up to 13 pups at a go. Sows nurse their pups for nutrition. However, unlike human babies, pups can start eating solid foods immediately after birth

You can wean the pups in 3 weeks. They mature within 2 to 3 months and live longer, 5 to 7 years, than most rodents. 

Guinea Pigs Breeding 

Most pet stores have the Self or American breed and the Abyssinian breed. The hair of these breeds of guinea pigs is curly and cow-licked. While their hair and short and makes it easy for one to keep them clean and well-groomed, they still need to be cared to properly. 

The Peruvian and Silky or Sheltie breeds have log hair. As much as they are beautiful, they are hard to keep as pets, especially for kids. These breeds are mored demanding in terms of grooming, which is a daily task to keep them clean, healthy, and happy. 

Additionally, you need to regularly clean and cut the hair near their rear to avoid getting caked with their bedding and faeces. 

How Many Guinea Pig Pets Should You Keep?

Guinea pigs are social beings, just like humans. Even if your beloved pet has you for companionship, he/she still needs a companion from the same animal kingdom. This means at least 2 or more guinea pigs will do well. 

Companionship will improve the health of your pets and will also keep them happy. You will also have a great time watching them interact and play with each other. However, when choosing how to pair your guinea pigs, remember to keep the same gender or at least have them neutered or spayed if they are of the opposite gender. 

A group of boars will get along well unless there is a female amongst the group, and there was no proper introduction. A pair of sows is also perfect. However, the most comfortable pair to keep is that of a sow and a boar. 

Guinea Pigs Diet

These are herbivorous animals, meaning they only eat plants. No dairy or meat products for them. Since their teeth grow steadily, keep a constant supply of hay for them to gnaw at and reduce the size of their teeth. 

You can also give them processed pellets, vegetables, and a steady supply of water. A fruit once in a while will keep them happy and healthy.

Next time someone asks what are guinea pig babies called, remember it is a pup. And f you are looking to adopt one, ask for a pup rather than a baby guinea pig. 


Why Is It Called A Guinea Pig?

Guinea pigs attribute the guinea portion of their name from sailors who transported the small animals from South America and then sold them. The price was a guinea which was an old English method of payment. Common breeds include Smooth-Coated, the Peruvian.and the Abyssinian

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What are guinea pigs related to?

Guinea pigs are related to the rodents genera Microcavia, Dolichotis, Galea, Hydrochoerus, and Kerodon. This includes other wild cavies, like maras and capybaras. The largest rodent in the world is the greater capybara Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris. You can certainly see the family similarity.


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