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What Do You Do If An Off Leash Dog Approaches Your Dog – 4 Safe Methods

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Taking a walk with your dog is usually fun and a great bonding experience. While nothing much happens most of the time, sometimes you can run into some trouble with other dogs. What do you do if an off leash dog approaches your dog.

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Reasons why you could run into a loose dog

In many states, it is a law to have your dog on a leash when going on walks. However, some pet owners don’t follow this directive and allow their dogs to run amok. This may cause problems when they run into your leashed dog who may not be as friendly. 

In such cases, a dog fight is likely to break out and makes it very difficult to deal with the dogs. In addition, you could end up caught in the middle and get bitten by mistake. You might also run into stray off leash dogs when taking your dog for a walk.

What Do You Do If An Off Leash Dog Approaches Your Dog

1. Teaching your dog the right behavior

While dogs are naturally curious animals, your pet may not feel comfortable around other dogs. This anxiety may cause them to become aggressive against a perceived threat, such as an unleashed dog. You can teach them how to be calm when another dog gets too close, while also being vigilant about their surroundings.

2. Walking away

No matter how friendly an off-leash dog may appear, it’s not always wise to let them near you or your dog. For one thing, your dog may not like feeling like their space is violated and fights can start. 

In addition, it’s safer to keep away as you may not know if the other dog’s shots are up to date. What you should do if an off-leash dog approaches your dog is to just walk away. Your dog will also follow your lead when dealing with the situation. Just keep your cool and make slow movements so that the unleashed dog doesn’t think you’re being aggressive.

3. Distracting an unleashed dog

One of the best ways to distract an off-leash dog is by using treats. Make sure to carry some dog treats with you when going for walks with your dog. You can also try and make sure the approaching dog doesn’t see your pet by standing between them. If that doesn’t work, you can tell the dog in a loud, firm voice to ‘Sit’ or ‘Go Home’.

4. Reporting a loose dog

It is important to report any loose dogs you encounter to local authorities so that steps to capture them and keep them somewhere safe can be taken. You can even take a short recording of the dog so that it is easier to identify. If they belong to someone, the owner will have to pay a fine if they left their dog off leash on purpose.

Not many people know what do you do if an off leash dog approaches your dog. Having an off leash dog encounter when out walking with your dog can be a nerve-racking experience. However, dealing with unleashed dogs can be quite easy if you stay calm and do the right thing.


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