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What Does A Baby Hedgehog Eat? | How Often To Feed A Baby Hedgehog?

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What does a baby hedgehog eat? If you just found a baby hedgehog by the road or adopted one, you probably have this question at the back of your head. It is even more important to know what to feed a baby hedgehog if it is born close to the cold season. At this point, the baby hedgehog might not have enough fat reserves for survival during hibernation. 

However, by knowing how to care for a baby hedgehog and what to feed them, then you will increase their chances of survival. A healthy baby hedgehog should be weighing between 550 to 650 grams.

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What does a baby hedgehog eat?

You can feed a hoglet tin food for cats and dogs, but nothing that is fish-based. Also, dogs and cats biscuits are suitable for a hoglet, but remember to crush them. If there is a wildlife food supplying store close to you, check out for specialized food for hedgehogs.

Wild hedgehogs are omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and animals. However, they also eat insects. 

A baby hedgehog’s digestive system is not fully developed and lacks cecum, which aids in the digestion of plant-based foods in hedgehogs. So, avoid feeding a baby hedgehog plant-based foods like tomatoes, seeds, nuts, onions. A baby hedgehog cannot also digest raw meat, honey, and bread, so avoid these as foods.  

Also, feed the baby hedgehog fresh and clean water. They are lactose intolerant, so do not feed the milk no matter what. Milk will cause intestinal issues like diarrhea. In case there is a hedgehog specialist or a rescue group within your locality, you can ask them for advice on what to substitute with the milk. This is highly recommended, especially if the hoglet is only a few days and still needs some weaning. 

If there is no hedgehog specialist close to you, then look for foods high proteins. It could be crickets, mealworms, earthworms, some veggies, or cat kibble. 

Housing a Baby Hedgehog

Keeping a baby hedgehog well-fed is not the only thing to do. You also need to provide adequate housing quatres. Get a cage with a large terrarium and a solid base. The base should not have wires to protect their toenails from being ripped, or their tiny legs getting stuck between the coils. 

The larger the cage, the better for the hoglet. Hedgehogs are naturally curious and kind, like explorers. The more room you give them to explore, the happier and better they will be. 

In the cage, provide a litter box where the hedgehog can help itself. 

Hedgehog Basic Care 

It might be difficult, but to keep a hoglet healthy, you also need to keep him/her warm. You can use a leakproof bottle or a heating pad. All you need to do is fill it up with hot water, but not boiling, wrapping it with a towel and placing it in the cage. It can get very hot for the hedgehog, so that cage needs to be spacious enough to allow the hedgehog movements to a cooler spot. 

You can also use a water bottle. However, the bottles lose heat within hours and need replacing. 

Never worry anymore about what does a baby hedgehog eats. Crushed dogs and cat biscuits, some protein meals like worms or tin dog and cat food will help you keep that cute little ball of loveliness alive and healthy. 

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