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What Does It Mean When A Guinea Pig Licks You? | Guinea Pig Love

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There is no need to torture yourself with the answer to what does it mean when a guinea pig licks you. Our pets have particular behaviours that either make us all mushy or terrified. If your guinea pig breaks out in a dance, squeaks, purrs and vibrates or just gives you a big lick it’s all apart of healthy communication. 

Knowing what the subtle clues are important to bonding with your guinea pig. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand exactly what each sound and action means. Rest assure you are not alone, but with a bit of practice anyone can learn to speak “Guinea Pig”

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Here are answers to the most common behaviors you will see from your beloved pet.

What Does It Mean When A Guinea Pig Licks You?

Guinea pigs show affection by licking. It applies not just to their partners but also their human owners. What does it mean when your guinea pig licks you? So, if your guinea pigs start to lick your hand or fingers, then you have some affection coming your way. Guinea pigs also lick you if they like the taste of your skin.

Also, guinea pigs are used to licking themselves as a way of staying clean. These animals are a true definition of “not wanting to get wet”. You will mostly need to wash your guinea pig if it gets messy or has mites.  

What Does It Mean When They Freeze

Most Guinea pigs will freeze if they feel like the environment is threatening. This can be caused by a loud noise, a fast or unseen movement that is sudden or by something new that the guinea pig is not used to. Your guinea will freeze so that they seem “invisible”. Consequently, freezing will show other guinea pigs to be aware of the danger

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What About The Fancy Popcorn Dance?

Humans are not the only animals with intricate signature dance movements. When you see your precious guinea pig pet running, jumping in the air, landing all on four, bouncing back in the air, and turning the other way, then you have just experienced their signature popcorn dance. It is a sign that they are happy, and you are doing something right.  

The Territory Marker 

In the wild, animals have all sorts of signatures ways of marking their territories. For guinea pigs, it involves dragging tushies around their environment. When you see this, do not be alarmed into thinking your pet it dying of itchiness. 

When Guinea Pigs Purr, Squeak Or Wheek

Guinea pigs have a language to communicate with each other and their human owners. While they can scare easy when they feel threatened, guinea pigs do make a lot of “talking” sounds when in a safe environment. 

If your guinea pig wheeks or squeals when you hold up her/his favorite food, then this will be a pleasant sound of “I got it.” A soft squeal and body vibration when they are relaxing means they are showing you their approval of the affection. However, if the purring is low-pitched, then your friend is disgruntled.

If they are in pain, then expect a short and high-pitched squeak.

What About Standing Up With Their Hind Legs?

Even if you do not notice their tiny and cute legs, guinea pigs have a way of surprising you when they stand up with their 2 hind legs. Sometimes they could just be taking in their surrounding to satisfy their curiosity. Other times it’s a sign of begging for some treats or food, especially if they start sniffing out your hand. 

Either way, it’s really cute to see and just shows they are happy!

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Why does my guinea pig lick then bite me?

A guinea pig will give your hand a little nibble sometimes as a reaction to being overwhelmed, in fear or just not certain about their current environment. When your guinea pig nibbles on you it’s usually a sign in physical terms that they feel unsafe and need some reassurance. If your guinea pig feels they are in immediate danger then that small nibble may turn into a more unpleasant bite.

You no longer have to wonder what it means when a guinea pig licks you. They simply love the taste of your skin or just showing you some love. So, pet them back and show them some love, too.

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