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What Dog Food is Good for Older Dogs?

Our dogs go through life a little faster than we do. This is why we need to prepare ourselves into seeing them age ahead of us. Knowing the fact that they age in dog years, we have to make sure that we support them as they transition to old age. Their bodies, just as our bodies, deteriorate and start having limitations in terms of mobility, memory, and cognitive aspects. They will start to display difficulties and other signs of aging. The best thing we can do for them is to get them the right nutrition and support they deserve. Let us start with their diet.

What Older Dogs Need in Their Diet

As they age, they will have a much different diet than what they used to have when they were young. Calorie-wise, dogs will need less of it as they age. This is because their metabolic rate tends to slow down which means burning fewer calories and storing more fats.

It is healthier to have them take on food that is richer in other content than calories because as they age, they tend to have limited movements which make it hard to burn excess calories. As for protein, dogs that are older need more protein in their diet for muscle mass. This prevents the lowering of their immune system and loss of muscle tissue. They need it for energy metabolism and tissue repair.

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As for fiber, your dog needs fiber to help relieve constipation. However, too much of it may cause weight loss which is not a good thing for older dogs. Safe to say, older dogs need just the right amount of fiber. However, do remember that your senior dog needs a healthy dose of nutrients and minerals so it is important to get food ideal for older dogs.

Dog Food for Older Dogs

Wellness Core Senior Dog Food

This is a brand known for having content that falls within an older dog’s ideal diet. This has five main ingredients and these are chicken meal, peas, deboned turkey, turkey meal, and dried ground potatoes. This is grain-free and rich in glucosamine, omega-rich salmon oil, and chondroitin for joints, healthy coat, and strengthened immune function.

Pro Plan Bright Mind 7+ Senior Chicken and Rice

With a combination of brewers rice, whole-grain wheat, chicken, whole-grain corn, and poultry by-product meal, the formula gets sweeter with the addition of glucosamine, prebiotic giber, and DHA. These are excellent in promoting healthy joints and better digestion. This grain-inclusive formula also has a fatty-acid supplement taken from coconut oil – MCT. This is known to increase cognitive function in dogs which is excellent for aging senior dogs.

Nulo Freestyle Grain-Free Senior Dog Food

This formula is known for having anti-aging ingredients and L-carnitine which makes it a good choice for dogs who have to control weight gain. It also has chondroitin for helping them good healthier joints. This uses a combination of sweet potato, deboned trout, yellow peas, salmon meal, and turkey meal. This grain-free formula is excellent for older dogs that have to control their weight and boost their immune system.

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Victor Senior Healthy Weight

A formula that is known for having excellent fat-burning and anti-oxidant ingredients, this makes a great meal for senior dogs. It has a combination of chicken fat, beef meal, grain sorghum, whole-grain brown rice, and whole-grain millet. This grain-inclusive formula comes with L-carnitine, glucosamine, and chondroitin for healthier joints and better weight regulation. This is among the many brands that are low-cost but loaded with high-quality ingredients. This is definitely a good choice for your aging dogs.


As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to look out after your aging dog. The older your dog gets, the more cautious you should be in choosing and giving him meals. A dog food’s ingredient plays a huge part in your dog’s overall health, so make sure to know what makes good dog food for your dog and what does not. Dogs have nutrient requirements as they age, but it is still up to you to determine which dog food is best and suitable for his condition. Check out the dog food formulas mentioned above and check to see which one addresses all your dogs’ needs.


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