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What Sound Does A Hedgehog Make? 7 Surprising Sounds!

Hedgehogs are extremely cute so learning what sound does a hedgehog make Is a smart way to keep your cuddle friend happy. It can be a little unsettling at first especially if it's late at night and you hear a strange sound near your house.

Some of these sounds can be very alarming and can surprise even the most experienced pet owner. Most people are completely shocked when they realise that the sound they just heard came from a hedgehog!

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What Does A Hedgehog Sound Like?

Hedgehogs are capable of many things including doing tricks and making a variety of sounds.

Some people mistakenly believe that hedgehogs don't make very many sounds and that the sounds they do make are low and inaudible. This is not the case and especially around the mating season, staring in April, you can have a wide variety of grunts, squeals and even screams that can leave you thinking again.

Some Hedgehogs can make sounds that are unique, but overall the majority of hedgehog sounds can be broken down into 6 main categories.

Owning a hedgehog means it’s smart to learn the meanings of common punts, screeches and purrs. The range of hedgehogs sounds can be quite complex so figuring out what sounds does a hedgehog make is important.

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Common hedgehog sounds:

  • Purring
  • Snuffling
  • Coughing
  • Chirping & squeaking
  • Hissing, jumping & Clicking
  • High pitched squeals, and Screaming

These are the most popular hedgehog sounds and what they mean.

Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out if you heard a chirp or a cough, but usually, with a bit of practice, you’ll learn what most hedgehog sounds mean and how to respond to them.

The best way to learn what sounds does a hedgehog make is to spend some more time around your hedgehog. If you are a new pet owner spend some quality time with your new hedgehog and start to get fluent in the frequent noises they make. 

Soon, you’ll find a pattern and will quickly start to understand what the sounds mean and why they make them in certain environments. It will also help you take better care of your prickly friend.

What Sound Does A Hedgehog Make?

Hedgehogs are able to make a variety of sounds including low pitched snuffles and mid-range purring and clicking to very high pitch whistling, snarling and even hissing with loud screaming. These sounds will surprise most people. 

1. Hedgehog Purring

what sound does a hedgehog make

This is usually a sign of contentment and is very normal indeed. If you hear your hedgehog purring for long periods it means that are relaxed and at east. Think of it as them being comfortable with you and their environment. It’s one of the friendliest sounds they make!

2. Hedgehog Snuffling

This is more of an exploration type sounds when your hedgehog is investigating or burrowing away in their cage or surroundings. This is a common activity sound and you'll catch them doing this when they are busy.

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3. Hedgehog Coughing

Hedgehogs do cough and occasionally it can be a sign of ill health. There are a variety of coughs (similar to humans) and each has a different meaning. A dry and crackly cough indicates that their living environment may be dirty or there is something in the near surrounding that is irritating their throat.

A cough that lasts for a longer time, on the other hand, maybe a sign of something more sinister like pneumonia. If you are unsure also seek out a trained professional.

4. Hedgehog Chirping

This is a common sound that hedgehogs make and is also referred to as squeaking. This sounds is attributed to new babies and is an indication that they are being looked after.

5. Hedgehog Hissing, Jumping & Clicking

hedgehog coughing

This sounds is associated with an angry hedgehog and is the sound they make when they are in attack mode or are distressed and upset. If you hear this sound you know that your hedgehog is distressed and should be left alone. Don’t try to touch or pick up your hedgehog in this state as they are usually very defensive and you may cause more harm than good.

It’s not uncommon for a distressed hedgehog to pop or jump around while in this state. This is an instinctual warning hedgehogs use for other predators and is a reminder to stay away or else!

6. High Pitched Squeals, And Screaming

This hedgehog noise is one of the easiest to distinguish but is probably the worst of them all. It usually means something is very wrong and you need to provide some assistance. A quick high pitch squeal can indicator a fight of some sort or that they are potentially stuck and need help.

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Remember not all squeals mean danger and some hedgehogs can be just very excited leading to the odd sound or tow. This is common among some female hedgehogs.

Hedgehog Mating Noise

hedgehog mating noise

By far the most popular hedgehog noise and the reason most people ask “what sound does a hedgehog make?” is the hedgehog mating noise. If you hear loud snuffling and grunting noises in the night time then you may be witnessing a hedgehog love affair.

Hedgehogs mate around the April / May months and the mating ritual can last the entire night. Generally, though most noises are quiet and subtle you will hear the occasional grunt, scream and fight as both pairs justly for comfort.

The actual mating process only takes a few minutes and there is an entire mating ritual that takes place.

Overall it’s best to leave nature to take’s it cause but if the hedgehog mating sounds are too noisy you can gentle persuade your local friendly hedgehog to move along to the next garden.

Learning what sound does a hedgehog make is a relatively straight forward process but you need to listen attentively for long periods before you become fluent in the language of hedgehog.

Remember, the lower and calmer the sounds are the higher chance that your hedgehog is contented and happy.

Louder, high pitched squeals and screams are usually called for attention and care should be taken when dealing with any distressed hedgehog.


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