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What Type of Vacuum is Best for Pet Hair?

Households with pets are the happiest. This is because the warmth and love pets make their owners feel are priceless. Owning a pet brings a person a lot of benefits, however, there are some challenging parts in being a pet owner. One of the most challenging situations that you have to deal with is getting rid of pet hair. Pet hair easily sticks to clothes, furniture, and other surfaces. If the presence and accumulation of pet hair get out of hand, things can start to be frustrating on your end. Though with the help of pet hair cleaning tools and a reliable vacuum, you can turn this situation around and actually have an easier time cleaning up.

Top-Rated Vacuum for Pet Hair

We have prepared a lineup of the best vacuums for pet hair. Each has a unique feature that makes it suitable for varied settings and applications. Feel free to choose one that best suits your preferences.

Dynamic U1 Maverick Vacuum Cleaner

This is an excellent choice for those who have asthma and allergies. If you are easily triggered by pet hair, the Dynamic U1 Maverick Vacuum can take care of it for you. It has a self-sealing bag that keeps your air free of debris and it also features a HEPA filter that effectively contains even the smallest bits like pet dander. This works great for helping you manage pet hair and pet dander while also being an amazing tool for cleaning the rest of the house.

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Hoover MAXLife Pro Pet Swivel Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This is among the economical models that are remarkably good in handling pet hair. This comes with high-end features and a suction that can compete against the leading brands. This is rigged with a motorized brush roll for pet hair which means being able to vacuum without pet hair tangling with the brush. You can switch the brush roll on and off depending on your cleaning preference. Since this is a bagless vacuum cleaner, you can simply toss the dust cup into the trash after use. You don’t have to worry about untangling clumps of pet hair from the unit. This also comes with washable filters that remove allergens and dust effectively from the air. Noting its swivel feature and LED lights, this device surely delivers premium performance while paying a fraction of a price.

Eureka NEU526 FloorRover Dash Lightweight Upright Vacuum, NEU526

Known for its powerful and effective Pet Turbo Brush, this cleaner has high ratings in terms of picking up pet hair from any surface. This is an upgrade of a model that has been tested and proven to be the best and most effective in collecting pet hair from stairs, beddings, upholstery, and other floor surfaces. This also comes at an affordable price point so you can totally say that this offers good value for its price.

Shark APEX AZ1002 Duo Clean with Zero-M

The Shark APEX AZ1002 Duo Clean with Zero-M comes with an anti-hair wrap technology feature that takes care of pet hair for you. This utilizes the Zero-M system which removes any kind of hair that is tangled from the brush roll. It also has a HEPA filtration that is completely sealed and anti-allergen. This has a noise reduction function to so your pets can relax better even when you clean. This comes with LED lights and can transform from an upright vacuum to a handheld one. It also features a DuoClean brush roll transition that can deal with hard floor polishing and deep carpet cleaning. This is definitely a vacuum cleaner to go for.

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Classic C1 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Apart from being an excellent all-around vacuum cleaner, the Classic C1 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum Cleaner targets the cleaning needs of cat and dog owners. This has a Good Housekeeping Seal star that utilizes an Active Air Clean Filter to neutralize any type of pet odor that may be lingering even after cleaning. You can also take advantage of its flexible handheld mini turbo brush for cleaning the stairs, upholstery, and other hard-to-reach areas.


Having pets can be tough sometimes especially if you are living a busy life. However, we can say that having them around is worth all the sacrifices and hard work. This is because they give us unconditional love and happiness and all we have to do is to love them and take good care of them in return. Let cleaning after them not give you stress. Choose among the top-rated vacuum cleaners mentioned above and lessen the burden of having to clean up and deal with pet waste, clutter, and odor.


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