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Where Do Guinea Pigs Like To Be Pet? | Do Guinea Pigs Cuddle?

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Are you getting a guinea pig and are wondering where do guinea pigs like to be pet? Well, we understand your questions and concerns. Pets and lovely and excellent companions, ask any pet owner. Guinea pigs are full of affection and love to be petted. And knowing how and where to pet your guinea pig will be the start of a heavenly relationship. 

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Where Do Guinea Pigs Like To Be Pet?

Guinea pigs like to be petted: 

  • On their heads
  • Under their chins 
  • Around their heads 

Also, before you start petting your guinea pig, you need to reach out to him/her first, like you are trying to feed them. Put your hand in the cage and start petting him/her slowly on the areas they love to be pet. 

Remember that guinea pigs are naturally prey animals. So, any wrong move and your lovely pet will go into defense mode and run away from you. You do not want that. So, start slowly, as a way of building trust between you two, and it will work. 

Guinea pigs do not like to be petted in some areas, so avoid them as much as possible. These are:

  • Stomach 
  • Back
  • Feet
  • Face 

With time, you will get to know your little cavy much better. Learn to tell their body language, too. It will be an excellent guide to their body and will help you know where they love to be pet. 

3 Ways To Build Trust With Your Guinea Pig

1. Don’t make abrupt movements 

Avoid abrupt movements that will make your guinea pig think a predator is after them. If you really want to touch them, start with at least one or two fingers. Also, do it slowly and gently around the areas they love to be pet. 

2. Don’t make your guinea pig angry 

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No matter how much you feel your guinea pig needs affection, you first need to ensure you are in sync with their mood. Nagging will not work. It will only make him/her angry. 

Also, ensure that the cage and beddings are clean for your guinea pig to be more comfy and content. Provide enough food and water, and offer treats now and then.   

3. Learn their body language

Learning how do guinea pigs like to be pet is about noticing their body language. The only way to bring down insecurity walls with humans is to learn their love language. The same case goes for guinea pigs. You need to learn their body language for you to build trust levels. This will help to form a bond and to help you discover if guinea pigs do cuddle or not.

Mostly, when a guinea pig is ready for some affection, they will be playful, might skip about or even sit relaxed. Also, he/she might make some whistling high-pitched or some cooing sound. They will also be very friendly. When this happens, you can reach out gently and start petting them.   

However, if your guinea pig is making a purring or hissing sound, this is your cue to stay away.  Maybe they are not feeling well or just want to relax. So, do not disturb themAlso, when not in the mood for petting, guinea pigs tend to stay stationary, it will look like they are in shock.

So, where do guinea pigs like to be pet? Around their neck, on the head, or under the chin.

Do guinea pigs like being pet, yes very frequently! Reach out to them gently and start petting them slowly and you and your buddy will have some lovely time together.   

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