Why Do Dogs Eat Poop? How To Deal With It?

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There are many dogs that were complained by their owners regarding their bad habits of eating another animal’s or its own poop or feces. So, why do dogs eat poop – how to deal with it? As a matter of fact, dogs were commonly fed on the waste of other dogs or animals thousands of years ago.

Hence, poop eating can properly be a residue of that history. Coprophagia is frankly difficult to break since it is self-reinforcing. However, you can try following tips and encourage themselves to prevent such bad habit.

Why Do Puppies Eat Poop?

In certain situations, eating poop is completely normal and instinctual for newborn puppies. A mother with its wired pups is usually kept clean not to attract any predator with scent cues. For this reason, she can clean up for her puppies by consuming or eating their poop.

For puppies, the habit of eating feces may simply be their learning experience. You can see that puppies tend to put almost everything in their mouth to learn the first lesson of eating and chewing. In the case your puppy eats poop, you do not need to hurry. There are many chances for them to change their behavior in upcoming time. However, you still should keep an eye on them as well as remove waste around them. Hence, your puppies will not develop any bad habit.

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

Just like humans, dogs also have their own motivation for some specific behaviors. Why do dogs eat poop – how to deal with it? In this part, we are going to clarify the first question. The habit of poop eating can come from various reasons as follow:

  • Hungriness

Your dog may be hungry as the results of the food lacking or insufficient nutrients feeding. When a dog is provided the food with the inappropriate type as well as low quality, he may feel compelled to eat more to satisfy the body’s craving for additional nutrients.

Therefore, the dog will ingest excess food which properly go through his stomach in the undigested form. The remaining stools look fairly close as well as have the smell similar to his previously consumed. Then, the dog typically tries to eat such stools. This is considered not only the vulgar habit but also the bad impact for his health. In this case, dogs need the better diet to absorb the necessary nutrients for his body.

  • Imitation habit

This reason may come from some households with more than one dog living together. In such community, there is only one dog as the team leader and others will play the submissive roles. Such submissive dogs sometimes eat the stool or the poop of the dominant one.

  • Boredom or stress

In many cases, the behavior of the dogs is linked directly to the posture of their owner. In fact, many dogs eat stool or poop only to get their owner’s attention. Some dogs face the boredom, anxiety, stress or loneliness which led them to eat poop. The emotional boredom of stress of being restricted or left alone in a small area for a long time can often result in the habit of eating feces.

  • Cleanliness

A female dog usually cleans the puppy by eating its poop or stool. It is called the natural order or instinct of things. The same actions can be happened among other dogs to keep the nest clean.

Is This A Serious Problem To Your Dog?

If your own dog eats poop but the main reason is not because of his health, you do not have to worry much. Some dogs will eat stool or poop when they have not yet absorbed enough nutrients. Other causes may consist of their parasites or any issues with the pancreas. However, all coprophagic dogs are advised to be examined by the professional veterinarian. In addition, the poop eating habit can put your dog at the risk for, Salmonella or other nasty infections.

How To Stop Them Eating Poop?

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Now we will discuss in more details about the second part of our today topic: why do dogs eat poop – how to deal with it. If your own dog eats poop, there are many appropriate methods for you to resolve this issue.

As a matter of fact, the prevention is better and more recommended than the treatment for all mature dogs.

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As the coprophagia is often self-rewarding, the ingesting act of the feces can satisfy your dog regarding some aspects. Thus, he tends to repeat such undesired behavior. Your dog can get rid of that disgusting habit if you try the following tips:

  • Change the diet of your dog. You can prepare or buy the quality and nutritious food which is formulated and specially designed for dogs based on their breed, age along with any other medical issues.
  • For the hungry dogs, you can try to feed such dog a little more but make sure that the fed food should be nutritious and high-quality enough for them. Besides, the good dog food should be appropriate for the type and age of the dog.
  • You should take the dog for the health examination on the regular basis. So you can know timely their underlying health and medical problems. The parasites or other problems which compelled your dog to eat poop or feces are easily detected through such checkup.
  • Cleaning up after the dog is a necessary task, especially right after the dog goes and before it grasps an opportunity to eat poop or feces. Stopping access is considered one of the best key method to stopping this bad habit. See How To Get Dog To Stop Pooping In Crate?
  • You can train to walk the dog on his leash. Hence, you are able to tell the dog to leave it out as well as physically keep it from trying to eat or sniff poop. You should always praise the dog for listening and also reinforce your verbal praise with the tidbits carried in a pouch.
  • Please remember to teach instead of punishing the dog as it is the effective and sensible approach.

The above steps did help you clarify of the solution to stop your dog’s bad habit of poop eating which is one of our main concerns for why do dogs eat poop – how to deal with it.

What Is The Best Dog Food?

The best dog food may consist of proteins which are required to be whole, raw as well as varied diet. Raw food has various types of digestive enzymes which help your dog process his meals.

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If he is only fed with the cooked food, the volume of digestive enzymes for his body can be insufficient. Therefore, you should give your dog more raw meat. They truly crave the vital mixture of diversified kinds of essential organ meats, such as the kidney, heart, liver and even lungs.

In summary, this article did help to get the most appropriate answers for why do dogs eat poop – how to deal with it.The steps to stopping the poop eating habits of your dog comprise of: feed a nutrient-packed, complete along with balanced diet; provide playtime exercises and interaction; avoid confining your dog for a long time, keep his living spaces clean enough; and take him regularly for the health checkup.



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