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Why Does My Dog Bring Me Toys? 4 Simple Reasons For Dog Behavior

Many dog owners routinely ask: why does my dog bring me toys? The answers are usually very straight forward, but it’s important you understand this type of behavior.  

You are just sitting not doing much or just walking into the house when your dog brings you some of his toys. While this is unexpected, it’s not something that should worry you too much.

However, if this keeps happening and you’re wondering why does my dog bring me toys, here are some of the reasons and ways you can make it stop if it becomes a problem.

Why does my dog bring me toys?

Bringing you their toys is part of how your dog greets you and expresses their trust in you. It happens across all breeds and is a very positive gesture. Some of the other most common reasons why your dog may be bringing you toys include:

1. Play

Your dog may not play much when you’re away during the day. Bringing you their favorite toy when you’re back is your dog’s way of letting you know that they want to play with you.

2 Looking for attention

If a lot is happening in your home and all around, your dog may feel a little forgotten. Dogs can sometimes need a lot of attention, and they may be bringing you their toys so that you notice them.

3. Showing off

Just like people love to show off their favorite things, your dog will also want to show off their favorite toy by bringing it to you.

4. Excessive energy

After a long day without you, your dog is likely to be very excited about seeing you again. They’ll also have a lot of excess energy, which will be channeled into barking, jumping around, and bringing you toys.

Other Practical Solutions

While your dog bringing you toys is positive, it can sometimes get a little out of hand. Your dog will keep doing this as long as they see a happy gesture from you every time they do it, such as a smile, a rub, or a treat. 

When encouraged, your dog can also start bringing you other things, like dirty laundry, trash, or even items belonging to other people that come to visit. So if you want this behavior to continue, you can only train your dog to bring you toys. 

Dogs will usually bring you the first thing that they see, so make sure that your dog’s toys are prominently displayed where they hang out most. If your dog brings you stuff from outside, you can try to keep your yard clean so that there’s nothing they can drag into the house with them. 

You can also limit their access to other areas of the house where they may pick up undesirable items. If this still doesn’t work, you can work with a dog trainer to help your dog know the appropr

iate things to bring to you.

Why does my dog chew bones on me

Besides bringing toys to you, your dog may bring the bone and chew it on your lap. Your dog is only looking for attention, showing your affection and trust. Also, your dog could only be using you as a trusted source of support for the bone.

When thinking about why my dog bring me toys, there’s no reason to worry unless your dog starts bringing you other things. In that case, you can easily train your dog to know what’s appropriate or not to bring it to you.


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