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Why Does My Dog Howl When I Sing? 3 Scientific Reasons For Dog Howling

Are you wondering why does my dog howl when I sing? 

Every dog owner finds out later that a dog howling is not a far-fetched fantasy. It happens, and when it does for the first time, one is left wondering whether there is a wolf nearby. But no, it is your lovely fluffy friend. Maybe that is not the only question that is bugging you. Many people wonder why does my dog howl when I howl? Or why does my dog howl when I leave? 

Something drives these beautiful creatures in our lives to howl. So, what is it?

Why does my dog howl when I sing

According to research, canines have a sense when it comes to pitch. When a wolf howls, other wolves in the pack will joining in, each howling. Research shows that each wolf will join with a different tone. Each wolf will change its tone as others join in the chorus, causing a differentiation in the tones across the howling pack. 

Additionally, dog’s have abetter sense of hearing than humans. Their ears will pick up on frequencies we cannot hear, including in music. When there is music, your dog will howl probably because there is a pitch that they like and identify with that you can or not hear. The joining in will also have a different pitch because your dog wants to differentiate its tone. 

Dog howling & Music

Yes, dog’s howl differently to different music genres. In fact, a study showed that dogs were agitated to Pop music, causing a lot of barking. However, the reaction changed to calmness and quiet with Classical music. 

The study further solidified the fact that music affects our moods and temperament at any given time. Classical music is believed to help in reducing stress levels while the Grunge genre brings bout sadness, hostility, and tension. According to this study, music has the same effect on dogs. 

Another study shows that when listening to reggae and soft rock genre, shelter dogs have fewer levels of stress. 

Another study shows that dogs will howl a lot to music with wind instruments like the saxophone or the clarinet. You might also notice your dog will howl to general human voice or the violin. 

Other reasons a dog’s howl 

A dog will also howl due to anxiety, especially separation anxiety. If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, he will howl when you leave. It is an indication of loneliness and your dog’s need to have company, human or from a pack of other dogs. Research has shown that wolves tend to howl in case of removal from their pack. 

Dog’s also howl to attract their pack members, whether they are near or not. It is a form of bonding like wolves howl to bond with each other or notify each other that they are nearby. It is probably why your dog will howl whenever you try howling, too. 

We are not the only ones with a sense of enjoying good music. When next you sing, and your dog joins in, don’t worry about why does my dog howl when I sing. And, when you realize there is a specific song or genre that your dog loves, keep playing it. Let your fluffy friend his way to happiness. 


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