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Why Does My Dog Hump My Boyfriend? 5 Practical Reasons For Dog Humping

Why Does My Dog Hump My Boyfriend? It’s more surprising than many people realise, but it’s very common dog behavior.

Imagine a beautiful day where you have invited people into your home for a nice meal and engaging conversation. There is good food, maybe some wine and even music. Everything is going great until your dog shows up and starts to hump your boyfriend’s leg.

While this may seem funny to other people, it is a source of embarrassment for you. So, why does my dog hump my friend, you ask? And how can you make sure that your dog never repeats this behavior?

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Why Does My Dog Hump My Boyfriend?

Your dog does not wake up one day and start humping your boyfriend for no reason. The good news is that it often happens to many dog owners. Also, according to professionals, it does not necessarily mean that your dog is aroused, so there is another silver lining to that. 

Some of the reasons for this behavior include:


  • Arousal


Humping, otherwise known as mounting, is a sexual position for dogs. When your dog gets too sexually excited, they are likely to start humping anything around them, including your boyfriend and a table leg.


  • It feels good


Just like masturbation, humping feels good for dogs when they do it. While most of the time, a dog will hump a favorite toy, this behavior can also extend to humping on a human.


  • Anxiety


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When a dog is anxious, they may ‘displace’ that emotion into humping anything that moves instead. It can happen when they are around new people or when competing for attention with other dogs.


  • Play


Most of a dog’s learned behaviors are reinforced by play. It is not uncommon to see dogs humping when they are playing together, especially when they are younger. It gives them a chance to practice moving their bodies to make procreation a success later on.


  • Dominance


Older dogs, especially ones that have been neutered, have been shown to hump people as a sign of their dominance. This is especially when other dogs are around and they want to show that the human belongs to them.

Ways To Stop Leg Humping

Teaching your dog how to behave appropriately in all about reinforcing good behavior. It starts with stopping them when they begin humping people immediately, even if they are just puppies.

You can show them a better way to behave instead, or distract them with a toy or play. The person on the receiving end can also get up and walk away, thereby showing your dog that that is unacceptable behavior.

If your dog doesn’t stop humping, observe them, and see their trigger. Then, work together to make it less of a concern. Should that not work, you can take your dog to the vet or a dog behavior specialist who may have more ways of getting your dog to stop humping others.

Alternatively, you can allow them a few moments alone in the day with their favorite toy to jump up to their heart’s content!

There is nothing wrong with this behavior, but it just needs to be diverted in the correct way. Dogs are very fun loving and will sometimes just hump you, your boyfriend or the air, just to get some attention!

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So, Why Does My Dog Hump My Boyfriend? A dog that keeps humping everything and everyone can be quite embarrassing.

However, you don’t need to lock up your dog and throw away the key just yet. Once you know what is making your dog act that way and follow the guidelines to get them to stop, you’ll have your dream pet once more.


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