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Why Does My Dog Like To Sleep Under The Bed? 3 Practical Reasons

Why does my dog like to sleep under the bed?

You go to bed and leave your pet dog in his bed or crate, all cozy and happy. But, when you wake in the morning, your dog is probably sleeping under the bend. Of course, there will at the top of your head. Like, why does your dog enjoy sleeping under the bed? Was the crate uncomfortable, or is your dog ill?

Why does my dog like to sleep under the bed

Mostly, dogs sleep under the bed as a way to keep or feel safe and more comfortable. Remember that their ancestors were “den” animals. It is still in a dog’s genetic wiring that confined spaces are easy to keep safe and control. 

A dog will also sleep under the bed for the warmth and freshness of the environment down there. 

If you realize your dog is always sleeping under your bed, it means they love that environment. It makes him more comfortable and safe. What you can do in this situation is change where your dog sleeps and create an environment that mimics under your bed. It can be a dark area with warmth and maybe a scent that reminds your dog of you. 

Sometimes a dog may sleep under the bed due to sickness or anxiety, especially if he is suffering from separation anxiety. Also, any sounds that create anxiety like thunder during the rainy season can cause the dog to leave the kennel and come under the bed. 

If he is sick, you can observe the general health situation of your dog for any sickness signs.; these range from loss of appetite, diarrhea, a lot of drooling, among others. If this is the cause, take your pet to the vet for immediate medical attention. 

You can also take your dog to the vet to confirm whether it is anxiety. If you change the dog’s sleeping environment, and the situation does not improve, your vet can help confirm whether your dog is suffering from anxiety. In case of anxiety, there are medications that the vet can administer to help your dog stay calm and sleep like a baby. 

My dog has to sleep touching me

On other occasions, your dog will not only sleep under the bed but sleep in your bed, touching you. One of the reasons for this is also separation anxiety. Another reason is the need to feel safe or as a protective move towards you. 

There is also an unlikely possibility that your dog does touching you as an acquired behavior. It will happen if you always encourage the behavior as a reward mechanism. 

Another possibility is that your dog only needs attention from you. If you have not been around more, playing games and having together, your dog can play this card to get your attention. Apart from attention-seeking, your dog could also be showing some affection. A simple touch from you will assure your dog of the affection and sort the problem. 

Anxiety and protectiveness are some answers to why does my dog like to sleep under the bed. These and how of affection are also answers to why do dogs sleep at the foot of the bed. Sometimes your dog could be sick, especially when the behavior is sudden. If you see a change in your dog’s health, have a vet take a look to rule out any medical issues. 

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