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Why Does My Dog Nibble My Nose? 5 Mysterious Reason For Dog Behavior

why does my dog nibble my nose? It’s very common dog behavior, but the reason why they do it is not so well known.

The only way to enjoy your relationship with your dog is by learning the language dogs speak. If it is your first time owning a dog, it can be quite challenging.

Either your dog is barking endlessly, cuddling away with dirty laundry, or even nibbling your nose. Among the many dog behavioral questions that people ask, why my dog nibble my nose is one of these questions. 

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Why does my dog nibble my nose? 

There is no specific answer to why dogs nibble their owner’s noses. It is quite a subjective situation, whose answers vary from one situation to the other. 

Generally, a dog will nibble your nose as a way to show you affection. If it is not the affection bit, maybe your dog is in the teething phase. Additionally, dogs are curious animals. In the process of knowing the environment around them, dogs will nibble and even bite items to satisfy their curiosity. 

Types of Dog Nibbling 

Learning why does my dog nibble my other dog or why does my dog nibble me requires understanding the different types of dog nibbling. There are different types of nibbling, each with a different meaning.

  • Grooming nibble

    Grooming noble is when a dog only nibbles with its incisors on people he trusts. When he does this, the dog is trying to groom you. Cute as this is, it can get a bit rough, leading to tearing off the skin and possible bleeding. 

  • Play mouthing

    Play mouthing involves your dog jumping up to you, licking your nose, and nibbling on your nose. When your dog does this, it means that he is excited to have you back, especially when you are out of the house for long. Your dog will also nibble your nose when you are playing as a way to show excitement.

  • Inhibition bite

    If you have other dogs in the house, or have seen fogs outside playing, you may notice the dobs nibbling each other. Sometimes the nibbling with extending into a bite, which can get rough and painful.

    If the other dog barks put pf pain, the dog that was nibbling and biting will stop, and not repeat the action ever. If your dog does not have another dog to play with, he does not have a chance to explore and develop the inhibition bite skill.

    So, he might try doing the same with you, and this can change from nibbling to biting. If this happens, you need to teach your dog why not to bite.

Stop Puppy Biting Fast

As mentioned earlier, nibbling might turn into mouthing or even biting. You may have tried to be strict with them to stop this behavior; some dogs may see it as if you are giving them more attention and continue with higher intensity. Here is how to discourage your dog:

Here are some methods you may use to extinguish this behavior;

  • Buy your dog some chewing toys 
  • Avoid interactions following this behavior
  • Timeout session following this behavior
  • Avoid rewards afterward
  • Consult an animal behaviorist

There a few answers to why does my dog nibble my nose. Maybe your dog is being playful or is yet showing affection. Most of the time it’s very playful and affectionate behavior.

If it develops into biting, you might consider taking your dog to a specialist. This is to make sure that your dog doesn’t form any long lasting behavior that could turn worse. If in doubt always bring him to a specialist to make sure. 


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