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Why Does My Dog Sleep On Top Of My Feet? 5 Instinctual Reasons

Why does my dog sleep on top of my feet? Many pet owners ask this because the weight of a dog on your feet may seem comforting at first but can quickly become quite tiring. 

You may have also noticed that your dog will sometimes want to lay at your feet at the dinner table or while you are just trying to get through your day. Whether it’s just a small inconvenience or a really annoying habit there is a variety of reasons your dog will sleep on your feet, arm or across your body.

Is there a specific reason for this behavior, and can you get your dog to stop it if you wanted to? Let’s explore the possibilities in this short article.

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Why Does My Dog Sleep On Top Of My Feet?

Dog’s have many ways to communicate, and it can be hard to discern their behavior as a pet owner. Learning why do pets sleep at the foot of the bed is usually straight forward especially when it comes to dogs.

Your furry friend’s behavior lets you know what is going on in their lives and what they need. Some of the reasons your dog may be sleeping on top of your feet at any available opportunity include:


  • Safety


Dogs will instinctively run to you to feel safe if something is not right in their world. To them, you are the pack leader, and so they will come and lay at your feet to feel some level of comfort. It will happen when the dog is anxious about something like a stranger coming near them or a change they are not used to. If they fall asleep, it will usually be on the side with the belly showing to signify that they trust you.


  • Basic instincts


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At heart, dogs are pack animals, and this behavior is ingrained in them whether or not they have ever lived in the wild. Their ancestors used to travel in packs where the leader would be given the most comfortable position to sleep in. The other dogs would huddle around for safety and feel warm. Since dogs now see you as the pack leader in your home, they may want to lay on your feet as a sign that they respect your authority.


  • Feeling territorial


Believe it or not, dogs are very territorial creatures who don’t want to share your affections with other canines. If a dog sees you as their pack leader, they do everything possible to show other dogs to back off. It may include lying or sleeping on your feet to show others that you belong to them.


  • To protect you


If your dog thinks there is danger lurking around, he will want to stay between you and the threat. Whether the threat is real or not. Your dog may feel the need to protect you in the only way he knows.


  • A show of affection


If you are looking for a sign that your dog loves you, then sleeping on your feet is a pretty big one. Dogs do this to show how thankful they are for your presence and the care you have shown them. Dogs are also pretty attuned to your emotions and will lay on your feet to calm you down if you are crying, sick, or stressed out.

Hopefully, we’ve answered your Why Does My Dog Sleep On Top Of My Feet concern.

Remember having a dog laying or sleeping on your feet by itself is not a reason for concern. It is an excellent way for the dog to show that they care about you and gives you time to bond with them. However, you can always teach your dog to respect your space if it becomes a little too much for you.


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