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Why Does My Dog Snort Like A Pig? 3 Proven Reasons For Weird Dog Noises

Why Does My Dog Snort Like A Pig?

From books, culture, and everything around, dogs are supposed to bark, right? So it can be pretty strange to hear your dog making pig-like noises. If this happens regularly and you find yourself asking why my dog snort like a pig, here’s all the information you need to know.

Why Does My Dog Snort Like A Pig?

When your dog is snorting like a pig, this is called reverse sneezing. The sound is more often as a result of a spasm of the soft palate, which narrows the dog’s airway and makes it hard to breathe. 

It is often due to foreign bodies in the dog’s nose or throat, allergies, strong scents like perfume and cigarette smoke, and viral infections. 

Dog breeds that snort a lot are the smaller dog breeds and the ones with flat faces and short noses. 

How to get my dog to stop snorting

Snorting is not usually a cause for concern and reverses sneezing will go away on its own after some time. You can try massaging your dog’s throat and holding the nostrils for a few seconds, and the pig-like snort sounds should reduce.

Alternatively, you can take your dog to the vet to help remove any blockage from their airway. In case it is allergies causing your dog to snort like a pig, your vet can also prescribe antihistamines to treat that and stop the reverse sneezing incidences. 

Other sounds dogs make and what they mean

1. Snoring

If you find it difficult to sleep because of the dog’s loud snoring, knowing why it’s happening goes a long way in finding ways to stop it. Snoring is usually as a result of allergies, a cold, or obesity.

A vet can easily diagnose and offer treatment options. Dogs that sleep on their backs are also more likely to snore, so stopping it may be as simple as changing the dog’s sleeping position.

2. Sleep barking

Just like human beings talk when they sleep, dogs can also start barking in their sleep. It happens when the dog is dreaming. A dog can even begin to twitch and whine, depending on the dream.

The best thing to do is to let the dog keep sleeping and not startle them awake, as they may lash out if confused.

3. Honking

Ever heard your dog sounds like a duck? Honking can be a sign of a serious medical problem known as a tracheal collapse that requires immediate vet attention.

A tracheal collapse happens when the rings of cartilage around the trachea or windpipe. It makes it very difficult for the dog’s airway to remain open, and the air that gets in is what makes the honking sounds.

Some of the treatment options that the vet may suggest are cough suppressants keep the dog’s airway open, or even tracheal surgery in severe cases to repair the damage.

4. Baying

Dogs usually make this long, deep, and throaty barking noise when they are chasing prey. They can also make this sound when they catch the scent of someone unfamiliar in their territory.

Weird dog noises are normal and should be expected from time to time. As long as you are keeping a good eye on your dog, wondering why does my dog snort like a pig shouldn’t be a cause for concern for you.

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