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Why Does My Dog Walk In Circles Around Me? 4 Reasons For Peculiar Dog Behavior

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Are you looking for a way to explain your dog’s behaviors? Like why does my dog walk in circles around me? Sometimes, your dog is happy to see you after a while, even after a few hours.

In other cases, there could be a medical condition. If it is a new behavior, seek immediate medical attention.

In dogs, monumental changes in behavior occur as age advances. As a puppy, a dog may have a particular personality, behaviors, or temperament, but noticeable changes may occur as puberty, and eventual maturity approaches.

A pleasant, playful nature in Dobermans, for example, diminishes rapidly as the puppy grows, and trust issues start arising. So, a dog’s stage in life may affect a lot of behaviors.

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Why Does My Dog Walk In Circles Around Me?

Sometimes, the reason behind why does my dog pace around in circles could be medical. These can be;

  1. Ear infections – are common, and the circular motion may be due to loss of balance after damage to one year. It occurs in human beings, too. However, to rule out an ear infection, check for other symptoms like redness of the ear, the offensive smell from one of the ear, biased head-shaking, and scratching at one of the ears.

  2. Neurological defects also tend to manifest in this way. These are genetic and quite rare (unless there is inbreeding). Such defects include cysts and tumors. In the case of brain hemorrhages after blunt force trauma to the end, this is also a possibility.

  3. Epilepsy in animals is difficult to determine, but this can be a sign of an impending attack. Unless it’s a genetic factor in the dog’s lineage, epileptic seizures in dogs usually point to any one of the brain defects mentioned above.

  4. Dementia – old dog walking in circles and panting could mostly be old age coupled with dementia and (canine cognitive dysfunction) or canine vestibular disease

Why Does My Dog Pace Around In Circles?

Dogs are also basically social animals. If your dog is not ill, reasons for him circling around you include;

  1. A form of non-verbal communication to express feelings. On a walk, perhaps, sudden onset of such behavior may be a sign of something: excitement over an acquaintance, a hostile or unfamiliar dog in the vicinity, maybe a request for a treat, etc.

  2. A dog may also protest a leash – depends on the sort of treatment a dog has gone through since his puppy days. A country-bred dog not used to a leash upon being restrained in a new environment may twirl and walk in circles around the owner to protest the loss of freedom.

  3. Play is a huge point to consider in some cases. Have you encouraged such a sort of play? Dogs are excellent judges of moods and temperaments. In the instance that an owner shows enthusiasm when a first random case happens, well, some dogs may take it as a favorite past time.

  4. A dog may also break into an unfamiliar routine to break the boredom, or out of frustration. Have you delayed regular routing for something they like? Say, a walk? Ball and stick throwing sessions? This unusual activity is a sign of something the pet is unused to.

  5. In some cases, a dog may adapt such movement to find a comfortable place – perhaps, for a nap.

Why does my dog walk in circles around me? In the cases that a dog you have lived with for a while suddenly starts walking around you in circles, the best idea is to call the vet.

Some medical cases are fatal, or near-fatal and a timely call to the vet may save the dog’s life. If the vet rules out a medical, take the time to learn a dog’s non-verbal communication cues.


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