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Why Does My Guinea Pig Poop So Much? | 3 Vital Hygiene Tips

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Why does my guinea pig poop so much? That is a great question. One you probably have every few hours or so when you have to keep cleaning a lot of poop from your pet’s cage. If it is any consolation, this is a common issue, and you are not a victim- everyone with a domesticated guinea pig experiences this.

You only need to learn what every poop your guinea pig produces means. It would be best if you also pottied train your guinea pig to make cleaning their cage easier, and also to enhance their health.  

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Why Does My Guinea Poop So Much? 

Guinea pigs are always gnawing on hay to help maintain their teeth at the standard length. As long as something is going in, then it always has to come out. This constant eating is one of the reasons that lead to a lot of pooing. 

Remember that guinea pigs are wild animals. Out there in the wild, they are used to being the prey. So, their system is hard-wired to take flight at a slight sense of danger. It could be a slight movement or a slight touch. With all the touching, your beloved pet will have the urge to relieve their belly and will lead to a lot of pooping. 

Also, when a sow is pregnant, their amount of poop might increase. This, however, is temporary, and your guinea pig will soon resume the normal poop. 

Guinea Pig Poop Types 

Guinea pigs have different poop types, which will let you know whether your cherished pet is healthy or not. 

  1. Average to dark brown poop – this shows that your guinea pig is healthy. The poop will also be oval in shape and consistent. 
  2. Bloody poopthe guinea pig could have inflammations, a mechanical obstruction, an issue with the intestines, or a tear in the anus. It would help if you got your pet to the vet for a check-up immediately. 
  3. Clumpy poop – if the poop is blocked or clumpy, it means the guinea pig might have a problem with their gut. It could also mean their rectal muscles are weakening due to aging. Either way, you need to have a vet have a look so you can be sure. 
  4. Soft and smelly poopthis mostly shows there is a problem with their diet or nutrition. A lot of veggies will cause this. Although vegetables are ideal in their diet for vitamin c, you should not feed them too many veggies. If this poop graduates to full-blown diarrhea, then you need to get to a vet immediately for diagnosis and medication. 
  5. Dry and tear-shaped poop – if the poop is dry, then it points to signs of dehydration. You need to give them water. Although their diet is usually wet foods, do not assume and leave them without water. However, if the poop is tear-shaped, then their gut could be having issues. Take your pet to a vet. 
  6. Green poop<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> – this might be caecal pellets, and it perfectly healthy. Guinea pigs re-ingest this poop for nutrition purposes.
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When next you have to clean poop after an hour, do not go mad with countless questions of “why does my guinea pig poop so much?”. However, pay attention to the kind of poop you are cleaning out to avoid missing any illness signs.  

How much does a guinea pig poop in a day?

A guinea pig will usually poop around 140 – 160 times in a day. However, not everything will end up back in the guinea pig cage. Surpirlsgy the guinea will actually eat their own stool. This is a healthy part of their digestive system and if it didn’t do this it would be sick, unhealthy and malnourished

Is guinea pig poop toxic to humans?

Yes, but it’s very rare. LCM Lymphocytic choriomeningitis is spread via guinea pig urine, saliva, droppings and the material from within the cage. Infected guinea pigs can transmit the disease through human interaction and human touch. However, cases of Human infections are rare, especially from pet guinea pigs.

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