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Why Is My Dog Following Me Everywhere Suddenly? 5 Reasons Your Dog Is Suddenly Clingy

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Are you dealing with a clingy pet dog? Do you find yourself thinking “why is my dog so clingy all of a sudden?”

Everywhere you go, he seems to be behind? Sometimes it can be cute. Other times, you only worry why is my dog following me everywhere suddenly. 

In this short article, we’ll go over the most popular reasons for a dog staying close to you and all the reasons why they would start doing it, seemingly out of nowhere.

Dogs can exhibit strange behaviour but there are usually very obvious reasons behind there actions. Your job is to figure out what you have, or have not done to pinpoint why the behaviour has started.

Once you know this you will be in a better state of mind to figure out how to stop it!

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Why Is My Dog Following Me Everywhere Suddenly?

Apart from the show of affection and security your dog feels when around you, there could be other reasons behind following you everywhere. 

1. Anxiety and Fear 

Particular things trigger a dog’s fear or anxiety. It could be fireworks, loud noises, hooting vehicles, and thunderstorms, among others. In such a situation, your dog will suddenly start following you around. 

If you are aware of what triggers fear and anxiety in your dog, try keeping him away form such scenarios. 

2. Nervousness and Stress

When a dog is undergoing stress or is nervous about anything, there is a likelihood it will follow the owner everywhere. Stress can crop from mistreatment and abusive behavior; even if it is not from you, maybe it is from someone else in the house. 

It could also be bullying from another dog in the house, or there is a new person in the hose your dog does not like. If you have an adopted pup, there could be triggering stuff in the environment that reminds him of the sad moments before the adoption. These can also lead to stress and nervousness when the dog is around these triggers. 

Signs of stress in dogs include:

  • Barking or whining 
  • Shaking 
  • Pacing 
  • Panting 
  • Whimpering 
  • Shedding of the fur 
  • Hiding 
  • Drooling, yawning and licking 
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3. Sudden changes 

A dog is a creature of habit. When you change anything in its routine, there is a possibility he will follow you around. Maybe you take walks every morning, but you have stopped. Your dog will follow you about possibly trying to see if you will get the hint and go for a walk. 

It could be there is a new person in its life, and there is no trust yet. Your dog will follow you around rather than be around that person. 

4. Food and other guilty pleasures 

Your dog might also be following you around to get food and other guilty pleasures like treats. It will often happen when your dog sees you going to the kitchen or the pantry.

Maybe it has nothing to do with food, and your dog wants to play. In that case, you can give your dog some attention, play a bit, and all will be well. 

5. Just some love 

Dogs are very social animals. Traditionally, dogs lived and thrived in packs, where there were pack leaders and followers, like wolves. Due to this, dogs are not wired to thrive alone; they love the company. And, as its owner, you are its company and the leader of its pack. 

When you are around, your dog will automatically recognize your presence and wants to be around you all the time for the company. 

When next you find yourself wondering, why is my dog following me everywhere suddenly, consider any of the above reasons. But, if the behavior is on the extreme, consider taking your dog to the vet. 

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