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Why Is My Guinea Pig Coughing | Guinea Pig Wheezing Common Reasons

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You might be wondering why is my guinea pig coughing, especially if the cough has suddenly started. First, if this is your first having a guinea pig as a pet, then know that they are fragile animals. Respiratory diseases are common in guinea pigs. 

However, this does not mean that you play it down as humans do with the common cold. Is your guinea pig wheezing and coughing uncontrollably? If so, and you are unclear of the reason, then get down to your local vet immediately. 

Why Is My Guinea Pig Coughing? 4 Common Reasons

When your guinea pig is coughing, then he/she might be having respiratory problems. It could be an infection or an allergy. A simple cough or sneeze might turn into a more significant respiratory illness like pneumonia. It would be best if you took your little furry friend to a vet immediately for proper diagnosis. 

It is easy to check for respiratory diseases in your guinea pig. Check out for the below signs often so you can catch any illnesses as early as possible:

1. Breathing 

Listen to your guinea pig’s breath. A healthy cavy should be breathing quietly and smoothly. If there are any clicking noises, wheezes, or difficulty in breathing, then he/she might be having a respiratory infection. (Look out for labored breathing)

In such a case, make sure you seek immediate medical attention for diagnosis and medication. 

Guinea pigs with allergic problems will breathe loudly, but their breathing will probably not be labored. However, a vet will be better at this and will advise on the way forward if it is an allergic reaction. 

2. Body appearance 

If your guinea pig has a respiratory infection, then their overall health will start to deteriorate. Their appearance will also begin to change, like losing weight and ruffled fur.  

In case of an allergic reaction, the nose area will be red due to the constant itching and scratching. Also, the eyes will be red. This could also be a sign of conjunctivitis

3. Discharge 

A breathing disease will lead to discharge from the eyes and the nose of a cavy. Also, in the case of sneezing, there will be discharge. Look at the color of the discharge, if it has a green or yellow color, then your little friend has an upper respiratory illness.

4. Change in behavior

Your guinea pig’s behavior will start to change in case of respiratory disease infection. For example, if your cavy is dull, then there might be a problem. Guinea pigs are naturally playful and active animals. A respiratory will make your small pet tired, thus reducing their activity levels.  

Guinea Pig Respiratory Infection Sounds And Symptoms

If your small pet has a respiratory disease, then you will see the below symptoms:

  • Fever 
  • Loss of weight 
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Discharge from the eyes and nose 
  • Problems when breathing 
  • Depression
  • Dullness
  • Seeking medical attention
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When you see the above symptoms, make sure you take your cavy to a vet for immediate attention. A vet who specializes in exotic animals is ideal for guinea pigs.

Be ready to answer questions about your pet, as their diet and health history. Also, request an x-ray to be sure that their respiratory tract is healthy. 

It is never an easy trip to make but it could be the difference between life and death.

Why is my guinea pig coughing? Well, it could be an allergic reaction. But it could also be worse, like an upper respiratory problem. If your guinea pig is coughing, seek immediate attention from an exotic animal vet for diagnosis. 

Make sure you have a small budget set aside for veterinarian bills as they can sometimes be very high depending on what the problem is.


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