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Will Moth Balls Keep Mice Away? | What Smells Do Mice Dislike?

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There are certain smells that mice do not like, including mothballs. But will moth balls keep mice away? Mothballs always top one of the natural ways to get rid of mice.

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What Are Mothballs?

Mothballs are chemical balls with deodorants or pesticides. Mothballs are useful when you need to store items that are easily damaged by moths or mold. 

The chemical combination in mothballs gives out a repellent odor that animals cannot stand, mice included. The scent is one of the reasons why many people recommend mothballs for smells that mice don’t like

Will Moth balls Keep Mice Away?

As highly recommended mothballs are for their foul smell, they will effectively help get rid of mice in your home. But do mothballs keep mice away?

Yes, the smell is irritating. But once the mice know where the mothballs are, they will avoid that area of your home. For the mothballs smell to be effective, you will have to use enormous amounts. However, this will make it impossible for you and your family to live in such conditions, too. If you do decide to use large quantities of mothballs in your home, remember that there are EPA safety regulations to abide by. 

Mothballs are only dangerous when ingested, but mice cannot consume them due to the foul smell. 

What Smells Do Mice Dislike?

There are a variety of Chemical smells that will keep mice away. Many chemicals that you have at home can do the job. Although 1 mothball may not do the trick by themselves you can try to leave multiple mothballs in a bucket or box in an area that is most infected.

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You will need to be very careful to keep this area sealed as it can cause nausea, headaches and even respiratory irritation.

  • Paint thinner
    This is another chemical that could do the trick. However, there is no evidence that mice hate the smell of paint thinner so it will if you use it will be on a trial and error basis.
  • The smell of predators
    You can get a cat as there is enough proof to show that mice are naturally affected by the smell of a cat. Other animal odours like a ferret, or raccoons may also do the trick.
  • Peppermint
    Peppermint is a good natural way to repel mice, but you will need to use a lot of it. Many people claim that it does not work effectively but it’s worth a try and the worse that can happen is your house smells like peppermint! It’s important to remember that there is scientific research that shows rats avoid the smell of peppermint so we recommend giving it a go.

Since mothballs will not rid your home of mice and are also dangerous for the environment and your loved ones, you need to look for other alternatives. 

  1. Seal up their entry points

    It is likely that there are damages on the walls and ceilings of your home that mice use as entry points. One of the ways to rid your home of mice is sealing up these entry points. You can use steel wool, caulk, or metal sheets. Although mice chew through almost anything they set their teeth on, they cannot chew through metal sheets and steel wool.

  2. Use traps

    Check your local store for mouse traps that use butter. Other mouse traps do not use peanut butter but are as effective, like this mousetrap by D-Con.


  3. Keep your home clean

    The dirtier your home is, the more likely you are to attract lots of mice. Keep your home clean, both indoors and outdoors. If there are any untidy shrubs close to your house, trim them up and get rid of any dirty items. In case you have stacks of firewood, keep them at least 20 ft away from your house.


  4. Use airtight containers for food

    Any food in your house like cereals and leftovers need to be in sealed containers to avoid attracting mice. The same applies to any food you have in your home for pets. If you leave it around in open bowls, then you are attracting mice.


  5. Do not forget the garage

    Yes, your garage might be an excellent nesting place for mice, especially under the hood of your car. It is a cozy and warm place that will get them comfortable and at home. Once there, they can start eating through your car’s wires and cause a lot of damage.


  6. Get a professional

    While you may think it is too much a bother to get a professional, there is only too much you can take. You can ask for recommendations within your circles. 

So, will moth balls keep mice away? No, they will not. The smell is awfully irritating, but it will not rid you of mice infestation in your home. Try other alternatives like cleaning up, using a mousetrap, or getting a professional. 

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