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Will My Dog Miss Me When I Give Him Away? 5 Unusual Signs All Dogs Do

Many dog owners struggle with the thought of “will my dog miss me when I give him away?”

Whether you are going away for a few minutes or hours, it is clear your dog will miss you. When you get back, your dog jumps all over you, licking your face and wagging his tail. But what if you were giving him away?

You are no longer in a position to care for him, or maybe you are travelling for a long time. What happens? You clearly know you will miss your furry friend, but is the feeling mutual? Will my dog miss me when I give him away? 

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5 Ways To Find A New Home For Your Dog

The first process of giving away your dog is finding the right home. It will ensure your dog is still in a happy and healthy relationship with the new owner. The below are steps you can take to getting this for your dog; 

1. Asking around – you will be more happy and comfortable if you know you are giving your furry friend to someone you can trust. Ask your friends, family members, neighbors, and even co-workers if they would love to adopt the dog or know someone. You can also ask your vet if they know any of the clients or someone close to them who would like to adopt a dog. 

2. Make some ads – if asking around does not work, try advertising. You can place posters in your area or sharing the ad on your social media pages as a private post that only your trusted friends and followers can see. You can also include a picture of your dog, age, any medical condition, and necessary information one needs to know before committing. 

3. Conduct interviews – once you have potential new owners, conduct interviews to get to know them well. Confirm if they are busy or have time to walk and play with the dog. If there are things that trigger fear and anxiety in your dog, confirm if they are around the home. Any information necessary for ensuring your dog is as comfortable as possible in the new home is what you need to get from these interviews.

4. Use the shelter– taking your dog to the shelters should be a last resort. Shelters are good because they ensure pets do not end up n the streets. However, your dog might not get the attention you want. It might also take a while before anyone adopt your dog. 

5. Say goodbye – when you finally get the right owner, you can set the right date and say goodbye. Bring along your dog’s favorite toys and possessions, remaining food, leash, and bed. 

Will My Dog Miss Me When I Give Him Away?

The answer to this is yes. Your dog will definitely miss you after giving him away. According to this study, dogs love their human owners. Given that your dog gets extra excited when you come back home and is grumpy when you are leaving, it is a fair conclusion that your dog will miss you when you rehome him. 

How does a dog react to being rehomed

While it is a very stressful time for the dog, the ration will depend on factors like age and the relationship with the previous owner. Mostly, the dog will have anxiety and depression, especially if the owner was very friendly, and the dog was in a happy home. If it persists, it is advisable to see a vet.

How to cope after rehoming a dog

Rehoming your dog will also be stressful. To cope with the loss, you can write a letter explaining why you rehomed the dog. Read t whenever you regret the decision as a reminder that it was the best decision. It is also important to be gentle on yourself, so you do not sink into depression.

Will my dog miss me when I give him away? Yes, he will. It can be a traumatic ex[erience for the dog, especially if he is coming from a happy home. Even if the new owner is good on him, it will take time for the dog to adjust.

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