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Will My Dog Miss Me When I Go On Vacation? Surprising Answer Revealed

Will My Dog Miss Me When I Go On Vacation? This is a very popular question for all dog owners.

Your next vacation is nearing, and you are as excited as it can get. The only thing left is figuring out what to do about your dog. Who should you leave the dog with, and does it really matter?

Many questions are running through your mind regarding your pet. will my dog forget me, or will my dog miss me when I go on vacation?

All these are valid; we are not judging. Unlike human in your life who will spell it out and say they will miss you, your dog cannot talk. How can you get answers to these questions? Worry no more, we are here to keep you at ease with the answers.

Will my dog miss me when I go on vacation?

The short answer to this is yes. Dogs are social creatures, and they will quickly become attached to you. Even when you go for a short time, your dog will definitely notice your absence. If you’re used to coming and going at the same time every day, your dog will associate these times with you.

As creatures of habit, dogs need this type of continuity, and anything that deviates from this may cause them a lot of anxiety. When you are on vacation and don’t show up for what your dog associates you with during the day, it can be stressful for them.

While they may not be able to grasp the concept of time and how long you are not around, dogs have other ways to show if they miss you. Here are dog missing owner symptoms to watch out for;

1. Sniffing through your stuff

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With an incredible sense of smell, your dog loves your scent. Sniffing at and staying close to your things makes them feel less alone when you’re on vacation.

2. Making messes

For dogs that suffer through separation anxiety, being alone for long periods can cause them to make messes all over the house.

3. Sleeping in your bed

When you’re not around, your dog will look for familiar things that are comforting for them. It may include sleeping in your bed, cuddled into your pillows to feel closer to you..

4. Waiting for you by the door

Your dog may not know the exact time that you’ll be back home, but they’ll stand by the door waiting for you when they start to miss you.

5. Overexcitement when you show up

Your dog will show how excited they are to have you back home after missing you for a while, including jumping up and down and running through the house.

6. Crying when you are leaving

Your dog may start whining when they see you getting ready to leave. While this may go on for a while, it is just their way of showing how much they miss you.

7. Following you around the house

When you return home from vacation, your dog may not want to let you out of their sight at first. Following you around for the first few days is just their way of making sure that you don’t go disappearing again. 

While you may want to take your dog on vacation with you, sometimes this may not be possible. You can arrange for a dog sitter to come in and take care of your pet for the time you’ll be gone. 

Be sure to let your dog stay near what is familiar to them and follow the routines that they are used to when you’re gone. This way, when you wonder will my dog misses me when I go on vacation, you will know that you’ve made them as comfortable as possible as they wait for their favorite person to come back home.

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