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9 Best Hamster Cages Reviews 2020 | Best Hamster Cage To Buy

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One of the most exciting things that comes with caring for some hamsters is the mandatory supply shopping. Figuring out the best hamster cage to buy is fun and no one can deny that the products made for these creatures are just too adorable for words. Good hamster cages can be very cute and entertaining, but should also allow plenty of space and comfort.

Since hamsters are thought of as low maintenance pets, it’s very easy to make mistakes when it comes to shopping for housing. It is necessary to arm yourself with the right knowledge before you start looking at products. So, to ensure that you’ll be able to provide a suitable dwelling for your new pet, we’ll give you a quick lowdown on what you should know about the best hamster habitat to buy today.

Best Hamster Cage To Buy (Top 3)


1. Living World Deluxe Habitat


  • Fantastic design that ensures your pet’s comfort and well-being
  • Secure openings
  • Equipped with the accessories and additions your pet need


2. Ferplast Hamster Cage


  • Fully accessorized
  • Offers so many ways for your pet to move around
  • Easy to clean


3. Prevue Pet Universal Small Animal Home

Prevue Pet


  • Large and Accommodating 
  • Established Brand & Well-made
  • Ramp included
  • Best Reviews on Amazon 

What Are The Best Cages For Hamsters?

1. Living World Deluxe Habitat

Editor Rating:


Living World Deluxe Habitat

Designed specifically for small animals like hamsters, hedgehogs, chinchillas, and even rabbits, the Living World Deluxe Habitat has been receiving some nearly perfect reviews as of late for its superb design that is specially crafted for these animals’ needs. Made of plastic and steel, it offers a solid base and well-ventilated walls and roofing, it guarantees your pet’s comfort.

While it features horizontal grills and gaps more than ½ inches, it is still deemed as a good option for hamsters because the base is tall enough to prevent a little rodent or small animal from grabbing onto the low bars and small bar spacing. This will prevent them from climbing, ensuring that they won’t get hurt because of their playfulness.

Another thing that pet parents will love about its base is the comfort it can offer. A lot of wire cages have wire mesh bottoms as well and it can be uncomfortable for hamsters. The plastic base offers a smooth and even flooring, so your pet won’t have to keep stepping on bumps as they move around their cage. It comes equipped with water bottle as standard.

This unit also features a hideaway at one side, providing a private space for your critter. It’s a very convenient addition as hamsters need a spot where they can hide away should she feel the need to do so. This chamber also doubles as a climbing ramp, improving vertical space and providing plenty of space for exercising for your pet. (exercise wheel not included)

It’s also worth noting that this unit has three openings and entry doors. It has a front access door where you can access your pet at the bottom very easily. The roofing can open halfway or fully as well so you have lots of options how you can play with your pet. This is a perfect cage and small animal home. 

This is a ready to use cage that has superb reviews.

Things We Liked

  • ​Great design that ensures your pet’s comfort and well-being
  • Secure openings
  • Includes hamster food bowl and other accessories 
  • Easy to set up
  • Three sizes available

Things We Didn't Like

  • Accessories require some reinforcement to securely latch onto the unit
  • A bit of a challenge to clean

2. Ferplast Hamster Cage

Editor Rating:


Another convenient hamster housing product is the Ferplast Hamster Cage. Like the Living World product above, it’s  comprised of wires and plastic components but with separately sold features, it might just be a more exciting option for your hamsters habitat.

So aside from being a traditional cage, it has a fun extension that your hamster will enjoy spending time in.

With its design, you can pretty much consider this as one of the more complex housings that you can find for your hamster. It combines the comfort of a wire spacing cage and a habitat, ensuring that your furry friend will get the best of both worlds. So if you’re torn between getting a classic cage or a habitat, this one might just do the trick.

One of the best things about this unit is that you can actually moderate your pet’s time with its help. The tubes are easy to remove and attach, thanks to its modular design, so you can just restrict your pet’s access to the tubes if they’ve already spent so much time on it for the day or if it’s too hot out to allow them to play somewhere with limited ventilation.

If you’re not ready to spring for the whole system just yet, which has it's pros and cons, the cage alone might already do the trick for your hamster. You can set it up to be a single layer or multi-layered, depending on what your hamster will prefer, so it’s also very versatile and functional. It comes equipped with water bottle and feeding bowl as standard

If you need more surface area for your hamster, all you need to do is put in a thin layer of hamster bedding in the plastic base and set up the climbing ramp that provides

 easy access to the second wire-cage layer. This will help to increase the surface area. 

This will also let you place the wheel in between the two layers where an opening is located. If you need a single layer cage, you just need to fill the plastic base with sawdust and other beddings and you’re good to go.

All in all it makes a perfect small animal home and comes ready to use!

Things We Liked

  • Fully accessorized, includes food bowl
  • Offers so many ways for your pet to move in
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be the best dwarf hamster cage with its good size

Things We Didn't Like

  • Assembly can be quite challenging
  • Only one opening limiting access to pet and stuff inside the cage

3. Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home

Editor Rating:


Prevue Pet

A Syrian hamster is much larger than a dwarf hamster and this means that it will generally need more space, bigger vertical space make and a larger cage.

The Prevue Pet Products Cage measures an impressive 32.5 x 19 x 17.5 inches making it a perfect size for any larger hamster.

The prevue pet products cage is narrow with entry doors on both sides and has a very deep base.

Cleaning should be easy with doors on the top and also on the side. It comes fitted with a ramp and gives your hamster ample room for exercise and play.

The Prevue Pet Products has some of the best reviews on amazon with owners saying the cage is the best syrian hamster cages they have ever used. With the added bonus of it being easy to clean and it being more budget friendly then other brands its no wonder this is a big hit amongst all hamster enthusiasts.

This is a ready to use cage that has fantastic reviews.

Things We Liked

  • Big and spacious
  • Includes Ramp 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Easy To clean
  • B
  • udget friendly  

Things We Didn't Like

  • Can go out of stock as it's popular

What to Look for in the Best Cages for Hamsters

For first-time hamster parents, thinking about their first home, these are the most important things a hamster cage should have:

Ample Space

A rookie mistake most first-time hamster parents do when thinking about the biggest hamster cage size to purchase is to pick out a little cage for their hamster. This is understandable as most hamster species are compact in size.

Sadly, however, they need plenty of room. Hamsters need pretty much same amount of space as guinea pigs actually. You don’t want to coop them up in a single spot for these reasons:

  • Hamsters designate specific spots for different activities. They have a spot for storing food, doing their dirty business, and sleeping among other things. They’re very particular about having their own separate area for different things, so you have to be well aware of such a behavior.
  • They can get cage aggressive easily if they don’t have plenty of room and their own area. These creatures are territorial, so they will want to make sure that their spot is only theirs.
  • They need a good amount of exercise. Hamsters like to move around their burrow in their natural habitat so inactivity will be detrimental to their health. If your hamster cage does not have a hamster wheel we would suggest you add one at checkout. 

According to the Humane Society, the minimum size for a hamster cage should be at least 24 square inches long and 12 square inches wide. This is not much compared to a cage for rabbits, which must have at least 8 square feet of enclosed space.  This will allow for plenty of room for your critter to roam in and do his business without feeling cramped. It’s also best to opt for a long cage size instead of a tall one, especially if the breed of your pet isn’t known for being a big climber.

Temperature Control

Being underground creatures, hamsters can’t really handle extreme temperatures so you have to make sure to moderate the temperature your hamster gets exposed to. The ideal temperature for them is 65 to 75F, so you have to take measures to keep the room temperature around this range.

To do this, the choice of cage design and can size can help you out. Consider the climate that you’re in and choose appropriately. If you live somewhere warm, wire spacing cages offer the best air circulation that will keep your hamster cool. If you’re somewhere cold, an aquarium can be a good option to keep your hamster warm.

Safe and Secure (Escape Proof)

Hamsters are also very curious creatures and they love to roam, so they might feel tempted to break out of their cage if the lid is not secure. This can lead to a lot of problems, especially if you’re not home to find your hamster right away.

To cater to all your hamster needs make sure the cage top cover is easy to lock securely. All of the joining parts should also snap in place together securely. You should also do away with cages equipped with doors with flimsy latches as hamsters can be quite good at picking locks.

If you’re opting for wire spacing cages, the gaps shouldn’t be bigger than ½ inch so they won’t be able to squeeze in and trap their limbs and they shouldn’t be horizontal to prevent climbing or reason to escape. If you plan to create a multi-level unit, you should also make sure that the heights won’t be too high or at least your hamster won’t fall off, so your pet won’t get seriously injured.

Easy Cleaning - How easy is it to clean?

An important factor when buying a cage for your hamster is the wire caging. Overall a wire spacing cage that has a plastic tray is the easiest to keep clean as you just need lift up the bottom and you’ll be able to clean out the cage and the hamster bedding. You can even clean down the wire mesh if need be.

However the more complicated the cage plan the harder the cleaning job will be so you’ll need to take precautions when choosing more sophisticated design. Try to find a quality cage with a compromise. It’s crucil you don’t choose style of substance as you will be cleaning your cage more often then you think and the faster you clean the quicker you’ll be able to get your little hamster back in. 

Make sure you put your hamster needs first as cleaning is very significant for hygiene. 

Accessories and wheels.

Another crucial factor when buying a cage for your hamster is the accessories and wheels. All hamsters need to be fit and to ensure your hamster stays healthy and safe you should include a exercise wheel. Many starter cages come equipped with a exercise wheel so be sure to check the contents of your hamster cage before you get it.

One thing to note is that the some hamster cages have inbuilt exercise wheels but they can be a little on the small side depending on the overall size of the cage itself. All wheels should be free of obstacles and should include a solid surface with no bars or bar spacing for support as your little hamster can get caught in it. We recommend this to keep your hamster safe. 

Bedding Advice

We recommend that any cage you get has a quality warm and size appropriate bedding installed. This is crucial for all wire cages so make sure you pick one with a deep base that will allow for ample bedding. This will decrease any risk posed to your hamster and ensure that the mess stays inside the hamster cage. 

Wires or Plastic Cages?

There is a debate as to which cage is better. Plastic cages can be cheaper and plastic cages is also, arguable, easier to clean.

Wire cages are more popular but ensure that the entire cage isn’t all wire as over time it can cause damage to your hamsters feet. As you’ll find out hamster do enjoy climbing on the floor and the celling of their new home. To keep them safe and secure make sure you add some layers into the cage. This will help them fall safely from any level.

Lastly, with all wire spacing cages the gap in between the bars (bar spacing) need to be no more then a centimetre wide. (as mentioned above) Any larger and smaller hamster may be ale to get their body or head through it.

4. Kaytee Super Pet Crittertrail One Level Habitat

Editor Rating:


Need a cage that will not only work well for your furry friends but will also add a splash of color to your interiors? Then look no further as the Kaytee Super Pet Crittertrail might just be the very product you’re looking for. This product comes in an eye-catching shade of pink that’s easy to fall in love with.

Kaytee CritterTrail One-Level Habitat for Small Animals

This single layer habitat may be small, but it's safe and can actually already be a comfortable option for your tiny critter with it's high safety recommendation. As it comes with a nicely designed wheel, it provides a fantastic workout for your fur baby. However, it should be noted that the small size is actually because it’s meant to be expanded. It has an opening where you can attach the tube that you can also attach to more cages, so your hamster will have more places to move in. It is also portable.

Made with a clear pink plastic base and roofing with a metal grill for its walls, this product also guarantees ample ventilation and visibility for your hamster. The color is base definitely quirky and will attract hamster owners who’d love to provide a gender-appropriate housing for their female hamster. It might even be a great choice for a young hamster parent who loves pink. It comes equipped with water bottle and feeding bowl as standard.

With its affordable price and modular plan, you may feel compelled to expand this habitat into a more complex structure. However, as additional tube packs are not available in pink-only varieties, you might have to settle with buying them per piece or other colors to build a large habitat for your critter.

It comes with most accessories including food and water areas and is portable.

Things We Liked

  • ​Expandable
  • Cute pink color
  • Good wheel design
  • Affordable price
  • Includes hamster food area and other accessories

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not large enough for big hamsters
  • Assembly can be a challenge
  • Plastic materials make it prone to breakage

5. Habitrail OVO Dwarf Hamster Habitat

Editor Rating:


When it comes to critter habitats, Habitrail is definitely one of the most popular brands to check out as they offer some of the coolest-looking items in the market. Each piece is definitely unique and gorgeous that it won’t just offer a cool place for your hamster to live in, but it can also spruce up your home.

Habitrail’s OVO Dwarf Hamster Habitat is a fun option for dwarf hamsters. It’s actually fashioned after burrows and tunnels, so you can be guaranteed that it’s perfectly good for a hamster.

It’s multi-leveled with a large deep base where the food, bed, and wheel is located, two climbing tubes, a detachable carrying den on top, another smaller den on one side, and a water drinking bottle on another. It comes highly recommended for safety and is escape proof.

It is a beautiful hamster house to own because the entire thing is modular and the tunnels, can actually be configured it in a few different ways, just make sure the cage is balanced and stable, to prevent toppling and hurting your hamster. You don't need to worry about wire bar spacing either or a wire net top.

Also, as this product is modular (with tunnels), expanding it is pretty easy. As it is pretty small even for a dwarf hamster’s standards, you may want to add a few additions to provide enough roaming space for your dwarf. The additional parts are quite budget friendly, though, so you shouldn’t have to worry about spending extra to get them. It comes equipped with water bottle and feeding bowl.water 

Another qualm about habitats is the lack of ventilation. It shouldn’t be a problem with the Habitrail OVO, however, as each part has ample holes to let the air in.

With a perfect design, quality materials, and affordable price, the Habitrail OVO might just be the best hamster habitat for your critter, but maybe not for their first home.

Things We Liked

  • Sleek style
  • Sturdy construction
  • Quality materials
  • Expandable
  • Easy maintenance
  • Cage includes all accessories 

Things We Didn't Like

  • Needs expansion if you want to ensure that your pet has enough room to move
  • Cleaning can be difficult

6. Ware Manufacturing Home Sweet Home Pet Cage

Editor Rating:


Sometimes a bare unit can prove to be the best syrian hamster cages as they can offer fantastic versatility. A bare cage will give you the freedom to equip it piece by piece, letting you have full control over what goes into your pet’s home. This will give you full reign on picking out only the best-rated items for your beloved hamster.

If this is exactly what you need to do, Ware Manufacturing’s Home Sweet Home Pet Cage for a Small Animal is an option you should consider.


This product only features the actual cage unit, you will need to purchase your pet’s other essentials separately. (no food bowl) With such freedom, you can actually tailor fit each piece that goes into the cage to suit your pet’s needs. You can keep it as minimal as you’ll want but you can also go all out and fill it with lots of important accessories including a drinking bottle.

Available in three different sizes, this unit is very spacious with safety being important. However, it’s ideal for larger hamsters like Syrians as the gaps in between the metal grills are pretty big. (They are chew proof) Dwarf hamsters will surely find a way to squeeze in between them, which is something you should absolutely avoid.

With a solid plastic deep base and not a cheap material, your pet’s comfort will also be guaranteed. You won’t have to worry about their paws having to stand and balance on uneven grills as this product has a platform base.

Quality and roomy this provides the freedom you want in creating a home for your pet, this is easily a solid option for great Syrian hamster cages.

Things We Liked

  • ​Very easy to assemble
  • Spacious
  • Great for large hamsters
  • Will let you customize a nice home for your critter
  • Cleaning is a breeze

Things We Didn't Like

  • Doesn’t come with accessories but if that’s what you want, this shouldn’t really be a problem

7. Kaytee CritterTrail 2-Level Habitat

Editor Rating:


Another all-inclusive hamster cages is the Kaytee CritterTrail 2-Level Habitat which features multiple levels.

Like the other CritterTrail item in this list, this unit is also packed with structures to encourage physical activities and exploration for your pet, making it a convenient option for folks who like to simplify their supply shopping chores.

Equipped with two multiple levels loft platforms, tunnels, three tubes, a wheel, food dish, water dispenser, and a removable petting zone on top of the cage, this unit has pretty much everything your pet needs to be happy and healthy. You may want to expand it as it has three spots where you can insert more tubes. Two of which are located at the top of the roof and one at the lower left end that can also serve as a mini-den.

You can connect it with more Kaytee CritterTrail units or just add more tubes that go around the unit to provide plenty of space for your pet to explore. This makes it a great hamster house with quality features and it's escape proof. 

Made from durable plastic (not cheap material) for the roofing and base with metal grills for its walls, this critter habitat guarantees your pet’s comfort. Other parts are mostly made with high-quality plastic as well so your pet won’t be able to bite them off and digest chunks that won’t be processed by their stomachs. It’s also well-ventilated and is very simple to clean. It's also chew proof.

Things We Liked

  • ​Modular design allows easy expansions
  • Multi-layered offering more room for activities
  • Cage comes with the essentials including food bowl
  • Affordable price

Things We Didn't Like

  • Can be a challenge to put together

8. Habitrail Cristal Hamster Habitat

Editor Rating:


Another all-inclusive Habitrail option is the Cristal Hamster Habitat. This product is one of the best dwarf hamster cages today as it already offers ample space for a small pet but you can still expand it to a more complex habitat with a few additional purchases.

What makes the Habitrail Cristal habitat a great pick is its clean design and features. This hamster cage features a quality material for it's base and sides that are made of clear plastic with metal grill panels to ensure good ventilation and visibility. To make it more attractive, its accessories are in clear orange, providing a nice color scheme that looks really adorable.

It’s also fully equipped with everything your hamster will need. It comes with a good-sized wheel, a loft den with a climbing ramp, a water bottle, and a food dish. It also has an opening to the side where additional tubes or dens can be attached when you already want to expand the unit into a more complex habitat. With two access doors - one in front and one at the back - you can also easily access your hamster and it is escape proof.

Things We Liked

  • ​Very secure
  • Modular, expandable design
  • Simple and clean appearance
  • Spacious enough for a small hamster
  • Good, friendly price
  • Can protect your pet from drafts

Things We Didn't Like

  • Wheel squeaks a bit too loudly for some people’s liking

9. Lixit Animal Care Savic Mickey 2 Mice and Swarf Hamster Cage

Editor Rating:


If you’re a hamster owner who’s not too fond of tubes and tunnels and unnecessary features but still want to provide ample floor space for your hamster to roam in, this Lixit Animal Care item is an option that’s worth a shot.


Dubbed by some folks as the top large hamster cage, it might offer a happy middle ground for those who want something that’s not too complicated but still spacious and challenging for their critter.

What makes this product one of the good hamster cages is its simple design with a simple wire top. While it’s just a plastic and wire cage without lots of fancy platforms and tubes, it’s considered to be a humane option for a housing. Its large size will provide enough room even for Syrian hamsters to roam around.

The metal grill loft is also a great addition as it significantly increases the floor space inside the cage. (Of course it's chew proof) As it covers up to nearly half of the total floor space of the cage, it can already offer more room for your hamster to do her business in. The floor space underneath can be used as a toilet or storing food while the loft can be a suitable place for meals and hanging out. It also has a private plastic den which is great for hiding away in.

This unit also comes with a large wheel to accommodate larger critters and a tunnel tube for your hamster to play in.

You may like the handles located on top of the unit. This will make the unit easier to dismantle for cleanups and or transport around. Just make sure to always tightly snap the plastic and wire parts together so your hamster won’t fall to the ground when you try to carry the unit by the handles.

Things We Liked

  • The right cage that is easily modified
  • Easy to clean
  • Large front door for easy access
  • Cage comes with all accessories and food area

Things We Didn't Like

  • No assembly instructions, but it’s easy to put together anyway

10. Lixit Animal Care Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage

Editor Rating:


A lot of experienced hamster owners tend to shy away from habitats because of the lack of ventilation most of them has.

Units with long tubes tend to get hot quite easily as they don’t have much wiggle room and enough holes for the air to pass through. So if you’re a bit wary of these options, it’s a very valid concern, but not one without a solution.

Lixit Animal Care’s Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage is a good option for those who want to give a good dose of physical activity and challenge to their hamsters without the risk of overheating.

This hamster cage features a multi-layered cage which is designed with ramps, a wheel, a tube, and a slide/tunnels inside a wire cage. It can let your hamster roam around without you worrying about them getting too hot.It comes equipped with water bottle as standard

Made with a firm base and a wire upper, this unit also offers comfort and a nice living space for your hamster. It’s even considered as one of the best cages for Syrian hamsters as it offers ample room for such large hamsters to comfortably squeeze into.

The only downside about this product is the assembly which may be difficult to do.

With so many parts and features, it takes a while to put everything together and in place. You’ll also want to make sure to put them in the right way so your hamster won’t get injured in any way.

Things We Liked

  • Features two or more fun physical activities
  • Well-made
  • Will fit larger hamster breeds
  • Fully equipped with essential accessories and a whole lot more

Things We Didn't Like

  • Delivers from the UK
  • A bit pricey

Best Hamster Cage To Buy: More Important Considerations

You may also want to consider these when looking for good hamster cages:

  • Your hamster’s chewing habit. Your pet will chew at the things inside his cage or even at his actual housing, so make sure that they’re durable and won’t be easily torn from the structure so they won’t enter your pet’s digestive system. (chew proof is preferred)
  • Wheels and tubes. These are essential exercise wheel and equipment for your pet, so they’re absolute musts.
  • Ventilation. Your pet can’t handle extreme temperatures so you have to make sure that they’re not too hot or too cold at any given time.
  • Ease of maintenance. Your hamster will do everything inside her cage so you will want a unit that’s simple to clean. The faeces cleanup process should not be very difficult as long as you have a quality bedding composure.
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